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ACEINNA named ABI Research Hot Tech Innovator for IMUs combined with RTK GNSS
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ACEINNA named ABI Research Hot Tech Innovator for IMUs combined with RTK GNSS

ACEINNA named ABI Research Hot Tech Innovator for IMUs combined with RTK GNSS

ACEINNA, Inc. has made the list of ABI Research’s Hot Tech Innovators for Transforming Precision Location solutions for its recently announced OpenRTK330L solution, a high-performance triple-band RTK/GNSS receiver equipped with triple redundant inertial sensors.

“OpenRTK330L was designed for Level 3 and above advanced driver assistance systems and other high-volume commercial applications that benefit from highly precise position information at all times,” says Michael Murray, ACEINNA EVP. “These include ADAS, autonomous delivery vehicles such as robot delivery systems and commercial drones, agricultural auto-steer, heavy construction equipment and many others.”

The new positioning module supports all global constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, NavIC, and SBAS, alongside the L1, L2, and L5 bands to provide cm level GNSS accuracy via RTK.

The OpenRTK330L includes a triple-redundant three-axis MEMS gyroscope and three-axis MEMS accelerometer for dead reckoning. This positioning solution for autonomous vehicles only utilizes valid sensor data and any defective sensor outputs can safely be ignored. This ensures that high accuracy dead reckoning is maintained where GNSS signals are unavailable. The OpenRTK330L is offered in an commercial version and as an ASIL B certified module.

According to Andrew Zignani, ABI Principal Analyst, “ABI Research anticipates that there will be significant opportunities for high precision GNSS solutions across several applications while the unique combination of compact, low cost, high performance IMUs alongside RTKGNSS will be extremely compelling. For example, autonomous vehicles will require several complementary technologies with their own strengths and weaknesses to deliver the safest possible solution, including radar, Lidar, and cameras, among others.”

This ABI report features 8 companies considered to be providing, pursuing, and developing exciting solutions to a variety of business cases across the value chain. This includes companies working end-to-end indoor location solutions, module vendors, carrier location platform vendors, hardware OEMs, and software solutions and others.

More details and a link to the full ABI Outdoor/Wide Area Location Hot Tech Innovators report is available here.


ACEINNA Inc., is a leading provider of sensing solutions for automotive, industrial, telecom, datacenter and cloud infrastructure, consumer appliances, agricultural and construction markets.

ACEINNA’s precise positioning solutions are MEMS based, open-source, inertial sensing systems that are leading the industry by enabling easy-to-use, centimeter-accurate navigation systems for the autonomous revolution. ACEINNA’s isolated current sensor product family is based on an AMR technology that enables industry leading accuracy, bandwidth and step response in a simple, cost effective single-chip form factor. ACEINNA has R&D facilities in San Jose, CA; Andover, MA; and Chicago, IL; as well as manufacturing facilities in Wuxi, China.

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