MATT3R transforming Tesla Cameras with AI into Smart Dashcams
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MATT3R transforming Tesla Cameras with AI into Smart Dashcams

MATT3R transforming Tesla Cameras with AI into Smart Dashcams

MATT3R®, an exciting new pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, has begun taking pre-orders for its K3Y™ device, which enables owners of Tesla vehicles to turn their car’s built-in external cameras into a smart dashcam system. Tesla owners can place their pre-orders here. Shipments are expected to begin in late 2024.

Priced at $199, the K3Y is a USB device that sits in the glove box of Tesla vehicles, acting as a silent bridge between the vehicle’s built-in external cameras and a user’s phone.

The device records footage from the Tesla vehicle’s external front, side, and rear cameras, offering a surround view of every trip, and its built-in sensors add important context using advanced AI technology to intelligently flag events like honks, harsh braking, front collision warnings, and autopilot disengagement.

The CONSOL3 mobile app for iOS and Android provides seamless access to footage from each trip recorded by the K3Y. Users can simply tap a point on the map and select front, side, or rear view. Events and incidents are automatically flagged, and as long as the K3Y is connected to Wi-Fi, footage can be accessed remotely.

The app also supports third-party extensions, paving the way for a range of additional capabilities, from cloud storage uploads to driver rewards. MATT3R is currently collaborating with partners on multiple extensions and will announce them over the coming weeks and months.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, MATT3R brings together industry-leading expertise in hardware, software, and artificial intelligence. Founder and CEO Hamid Abdollahi is a serial entrepreneur whose previous start-up, Recon Instruments, launched the world’s first smart eyewear solutions for sports, adding a new dimension to activities like snowboarding and cycling.

Recon Instruments was acquired by Intel in 2015. Hamid is also Chairman of Novarc Technologies Inc., a leader in robotic welding innovation.

“We are thrilled to introduce the K3Y, a must-have companion for Tesla owners and fleets,” said MATT3R Founder and CEO Hamid Abdollahi. “Our objective is to contribute to a safer future of mobility by offering a scalable platform that leverages advanced AI and integrates seamlessly with Tesla’s existing technology. The K3Y device and our scenario digital twin technology demonstrate our commitment to innovation and enhancing road safety for all.”

The K3Y is just one component of MATT3R’s push to keep drivers safe by leveraging advanced AI innovation. MATT3R is also developing software solutions to streamline research and development for companies developing Automated Driving Systems (ADS).

These solutions can turn raw driving data into simulation-ready scenarios that can be used to train ADS algorithms. These solutions can also leverage anonymized data collected from K3Y users, providing cost-effective access to reconstructed driving scenarios that cover a wide range of real-world situations. This data is fully anonymized to protect the privacy of K3Y users.

MATT3R transforming Tesla Cameras with AI into Smart Dashcams

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