Assets of VeriDaaS acquired by The Sanborn Map Company

Assets of VeriDaaS acquired by The Sanborn Map Company

Assets of VeriDaaS acquired by The Sanborn Map Company

The Sanborn Map Company Inc., a leader in the geospatial industry, today announced the acquisition of the assets of VeriDaaS, a cutting-edge technology company specializing in Geiger mode lidar. This acquisition aligns with Sanborn’s strategic vision to continue growth and provide the latest technology to customers.

Sanborn will integrate VeriDaaS assets and innovative solutions into the Mapping Division, enhancing the company’s ability to deliver comprehensive and advanced technological solutions and services to customers. This acquisition is expected to drive significant growth in the next few years for the company as the technology has matured significantly since it was first introduced.

“The acquisition of the photon counting lidar technology along with value added product generation is a significant step forward for Sanborn. This ground-breaking technology developed from significant previous investments perfectly complements our commitment to innovation and excellence. We will accelerate our growth in Lidar products and analytics expanding our capabilities to better serve our clients and partners,” stated John Copple, CEO of Sanborn.

VeriDaaS developed a significant number of market applications, with a portfolio that includes asset management, vegetation management, solar sighting, flood risk and resilience, wildfire management, urban change analysis and many other applications.

The integration of this technology with Sanborn’s linear mode Lidar is expected to enhance Sanborn’s offerings and provide customers with superior services.

Sanborn was advised by The Environmental Financial Consulting Group, LLC Financial and terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Assets of VeriDaaS acquired by The Sanborn Map Company

Post source : The Sanborn Map Company Inc.

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