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DJI RoboMaster EP Core sparking Robotics, AI and STEM Education
Photo Credit To DJI

DJI RoboMaster EP Core sparking Robotics, AI and STEM Education

DJI RoboMaster EP Core sparking Robotics, AI and STEM Education

DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, has unveiled the RoboMaster EP Core, an all-in-one classroom solution that takes STEAM learning to the next level.

The RoboMaster EP Core includes an educational robot with cutting-edge hardware capabilities, supplemental teaching materials and a competition kit to introduce students to AI, engineering, programming, robotics and more. The RoboMaster EP Core is the first product introduced under DJI Education, a new branch which was set-up to provide students with experiential learning opportunities in the areas of STEAM, robotics and engineering.

Built to help instructors teach in an engaging, hands-on approach, the RoboMaster EP Core is equipped with high-performance mechanical accessories like robotic arm, gripper, mecanum wheels and armours which can be programmed and controlled for a variety of fun tasks. With multiple ports, the RoboMaster EP Core supports third-party accessories for customization, including smart sensors and single board computers. With well-rounded and thorough teaching resources and a competition kit that is continually updated, the RoboMaster EP Core expands the boundaries for students learning AI, engineering, programming, and robotics.

“At DJI Education, we strive to be at the forefront of education innovation. It’s important for us to invest in the next generation of tech innovators by working with the education sector to provide the latest technology and tools to enrich STEAM learning,” said Jianrong Gao, Head of DJI Education. “The RoboMaster EP Core was designed with both the experiences of instructor and student in mind to ensure engagement around STEAM subjects, including artificial intelligence, robotics, programming, and other cutting-edge science and technology. We also look forward to working with institutions and curriculum partners to develop local content to enable students to further explore practical and innovative applications for the future.”

DJI Education is partnering with universities around the world including The University of New South Wales in Australia to offer scholarships to study drone and robotics engineering, and to facilitate the selection of new students. Such partnerships help to facilitate new research projects and exchange programs, as well as a new curriculum focused on engineering for the university.

DJI RoboMaster EP Core sparking Robotics, AI and STEM Education

Powerful With Cutting-Edge Technology

Made of steel and finished with a sleek, futuristic design, the RoboMaster EP Core uses the same advanced technology featured in DJI’s wide range of innovative drone products.

With a compact yet strong structure that is easily installed and disassembled, the RoboMaster EP Core features a specialized durable robotic arm and gripper with a structural design and adjustable gripping force to move objects with high precision and flexible control. Users can customize control abilities through both Scratch and Python programming languages.

DJI RoboMaster EP Core sparking Robotics, AI and STEM Education

Add Hardware, Unlock Creativity

Modular and expandable, the RoboMaster EP Core has a baseplate that is compatible with third-party hardware like Lego® blocks so users can build and expand, limited only by their imagination. EP Core can support up to 39 programmable components, allowing students to use streaming data from sensor modules, video and audio to program AI applications.

With four intelligent sensor adapter modules, the RoboMaster EP Core makes it convenient to connect and power third-party sensors that measure inputs such as temperature, pressure, distance, and more. Sensory data can later be used in Scratch or Python, unlocking endless programming possibilities.

Students can collect attitude and video streaming data, then perform computer-based deep learning practices such as data analysis, model training and scene recognition, to create more custom AI functions with the RoboMaster EP Core. Using an equipped infrared depth sensor, the RoboMaster EP Core can receive information on an obstacle’s distance in relation to itself while initiating obstacle avoidance during autonomous driving.

DJI RoboMaster EP Core sparking Robotics, AI and STEM Education

First Look Into AI

The RoboMaster EP core was built with various advanced components to help the robot explore the world around it. It is equipped with an intelligent controller that supports six AI functions that can be programmed to recognize lines, vision markers, claps, gestures, people and other robots.

With an easy-to-use open software, the robot supports multiple programming languages, including Scratch 3.0 and Python, FPV control, custom UI and multi-machine communication.

DJI now makes an official Software Development Kit (SDK) available on the robot, with 39 programmable sensor ports, and includes multiple control interfaces for various embedded and extension modules as well as multiple output interfaces for video and audio streams to expand hardware possibilities.

Teachers can now show and explain to students in real time how the added accessories provide data and what that data can be used to do. The open SDK increases the expandability of the robot, offering the possibility to create interesting AI applications, such as object recognition, voice command and motion sensing.

DJI RoboMaster EP Core sparking Robotics, AI and STEM Education

Unrivalled Tool for Teaching

The RoboMaster EP Core is the ideal tool to teach through entertainment, a core pillar of DJI Education. With a suite of add-ons, accessories and more – all supported by a detailed curriculum covering everything from the basics to advanced operation. The engaging curriculum is aligned with CSTA and NGSS middle school standards and is broken into 3 clear sections; Learn, Apply, Reflect.

Each section has a clear structure with consistent lessons students and teachers to follow. The Apply section follows a use, modify and create pedagogy to enable students to develop an understanding in the practical application of the robot. Within each lesson, there is an opportunity for assessment that checks on students’ overall understanding of the covered concepts.

Teachers can refer to the guidebook to define goals and expand classroom content, and use the supplementary teaching slides to highlight key information with images and videos. Teachers will also have access to a community with other teachers and attend local info session activities and events hosted by DJI Education and its partners.

To make the RoboMaster EP Core more relevant to local classrooms across the globe, DJI Education is looking for partners to collaborate on developing localized curriculum and modules to further support teachers in the classroom.

DJI RoboMaster EP Core sparking Robotics, AI and STEM Education

RoboMaster EP Core Competition Kit

The RoboMaster EP Core Competition Kit is a database that offers easy-to-understand rules and instructions so teachers can host a variety of competitions and realistic scenarios in which similar technology is used to rescue people. This allows educators to set up games quickly and efficiently, testing the learning outcomes in a fun and exciting way.

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