British Government levy pays for University of Northampton engineering apprenticeships
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British Government levy pays for University of Northampton engineering apprenticeships

British Government levy pays for University of Northampton engineering apprenticeships

The newly launched Manufacturing Engineering Degree Apprenticeship, which is run by the University’s team of industry experts, sees the British Government cover the costs of training an apprentice, via its Apprenticeship Levy.

Benefits for the employer include:

The ability to attract and retain good-quality candidates with the potential to progress with the company.

  • Develop job-specific skills and competencies that meet the needs of the business.
  • Apprenticeship Levy payers can use their Levy to pay for their apprenticeship.
  • Non-Levy payers can get 95 per cent of the cost of tuition and assessment funded through the Levy.
  • The chance to develop other opportunities in the organisation by engaging existing staff as they provide mentoring and support.
  • A reduced payroll bill – employers of apprentices under the age of 25 are not required to pay secondary Class 1 Employer National Insurance contributions on earnings up to the upper earnings limit.

Senior Lecturer, Stephen Hillyard, said: “Given the demand for highly skilled engineers and access to Levy funding, apprenticeships have changed for the better.

“They are designed to give more control and greater opportunities to address the ever-increasing skills shortages in the engineering sector.

“The University of Northampton is proud to be offering this newly validated L6 Manufacturing Engineering Degree Apprenticeship to support employers in planning to reduce their skills gaps, which, in turn, helps them to become more futureproof.”

He added: “For this qualification, employers are given the opportunity to cash in on the Apprenticeship Levy and this helps them to reduce future recruitment costs and gain an advantage over their competitors.

“Given the position we find ourselves in today’s wold, now is the perfect time to develop your own home-grown engineering talent.”

The L6 Manufacturing Engineering Degree Apprenticeship allows the student to combine work and study by mixing on-the-job training with University classroom learning. Employers have the benefit of recruiting an apprentice who will be employed to do a real job while studying for a formal BSc Engineering qualification. This is typically for one day a week at the University’s Waterside campus.

You can find out more on the course page.

The University has also launched an Engineering HNC, which is ideal for companies who want to take their employees to a level 4 qualification, and then possibly progress to level 6, if the student shows the required aptitude.

Students completing the HNC could, alternatively, sign up for a Degree Apprenticeship with the University if that route would suit them and the company.

Stephen Hillyard, said: “The HNC is ideal for those who may have recently completed A-levels or a level 3 engineering qualification at college, and are currently working for an employer and looking to progress their career within the firm. Alternatively, employers may wish to sponsor an older employee who is looking to progress.”

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Post source : The University of Northampton

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