Panasonic and Yotta partner to deliver the future of Connected Asset Management

Panasonic and Yotta partner to deliver the future of Connected Asset Management

Panasonic and Yotta partner to deliver the future of Connected Asset Management

Panasonic today announced a partnership with YOTTA, the leading connected asset management software and services provider, to provide a revolutionary new end-to-end solution for environmental services organisations to manage their infrastructure.

YOTTA’s Alloy application and Panasonic’s rugged Android TOUGHBOOK devices are ideal for helping organisations use data and the latest Internet of Things (IoT) sensor and control technologies to transform the way they deliver services. These services can include waste and recycling, green space maintenance, street cleansing, highways, fleet and estate management and environmental health inspections and licensing.

YOTTA’s Alloy platform seamlessly integrates processes by connecting assets (anything from streetlights and rubbish bins to individual premises or trees in the park) to systems and people to optimise operational performance and improve efficiencies. For example, Alloy can receive service requests, automatically trigger approval and review processes, and generate work orders that are optimised based on the availability of equipment, vehicles, people, and the location of the job.

The mobile workforce, equipped with rugged Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Android tablets or handhelds, can then receive their automated work schedule, with optimised routes, reporting and feedback functionality using a device that is designed to withstand the physical rigours of a busy mobile workforce. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices are ideally suited to this task with rugged protection, daylight viewable screens and a range of functionality and peripherals designed to make the lives of mobile workers easier.

“Connected asset management is the foundation for managing modern smart communities and the starting point for local authorities and other organisations looking to transform the way they efficiently and effectively deliver their services,” said Anique Bravenboer, Alliance Manager at YOTTA. “Whether it’s the real-time management of rubbish collections, maintaining street lamps or protecting trees, the Alloy application is perfectly designed to handle complex sets of data and requirements and make it simpler for people to manage – from those in the control rooms to those on the streets.”

“Devices such as the rugged Panasonic TOUGHBOOK A3 Android 10” tablet are the ideal companion tool for the mobile worker and the Alloy solution,” added Stefan Petterson, European Channel Manager for Panasonic Mobile Business Solutions. “Its reputation for rugged, yet ergonomic design, excellent viewing screen in all daylight conditions and range of connectivity, in-vehicle and configurable options means it’s perfectly placed to be tailored to any service requirement.”

Alloy and Panasonic TOUGHBOOK are designed to deliver benefits to a range of environmental service providers, such as:

  • Waste and Recycling: Use in-cab software to track progress and receive updates from collection crews. Programme automatic responses to service requests and issue alerts to service users. Import datasets and information from other service areas that might affect waste management workflow, for example scheduled road works, or transportation service schedules.
  • Green Spaces: Allow users to create standardised jobs and inspections. Attribute time and resources to specific tasks. Enable maintenance management budgets to be easily tracked and managed.
  • Fleet Management: Enable mobile teams to have access to real-time data and connection to headquarters. Empower workflow managers to assign activities to the nearest vehicle or operative. Schedule regular inspections and fleet maintenance activities and the budgets associated to each vehicle and service area. Manage hire vehicles ensuring all relevant documentation is held against the assets.
  • Highways Management: Provide access to information about schedules of work and provide real-time progress reports. Integrate time spent and repair costs directly with billing systems. Store images and videos that capture evidence of the state of assets for record keeping purposes.
  • Environmental Health and Licensing: Record and manage schedules for visits and cleansing
  • Jobs. Log communications with customers including actionable requests. Complete reporting and formal returns. Allow mobile users to carry out scheduled and ad-hoc inspections. Manage workflows for environmental service requests such as food hygiene, noise and statutory nuisance, local authority pollution control, and licensing.

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