Windover Construction launches IDEA consulting platform for evolving technologies

Windover Construction launches IDEA consulting platform for evolving technologies

Windover Construction launches IDEA consulting platform for evolving technologies

Windover Construction, a global leader in construction management and innovation has announced the launch of Innovations for Design, Engineering and Automation (IDEA), a consulting platform optimizing the use of BIM, drones, robotics and other rapidly evolving technologies.

Leveraging Windover’s award-winning expertise, IDEA provides tech-first, real-time solutions to every project challenge, streamlining decision making and transforming the construction, design and engineering process.

For existing construction clients as well as design and engineering partners nationally, IDEA combines strategic counsel with access to a broad spectrum of emerging technology capabilities including 4D planning, digital prefabrication, virtual and mixed-reality, laser scanning, automation, drone surveys, optimized MEP-BIM coordination, 3D printing, as-built documentation and 3D interactive campus maps.

“Windover’s dedication to building at the speed of innovation is what truly sets us apart from other firms,” said Stuart Meurer, President of Windover Construction. “Rather than focusing on one solution, we’ve perfected the art of collaboration among existing and emerging technologies. IDEA redefines the possibilities to advance the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry while providing our clients and partners with the opportunity to mitigate risk, increase efficiencies and bring their forward-thinking visions to life.”

Windover is a global leader in utilizing innovative technologies to support the planning and construction processes in historic preservation and projects across academic, residential, life science, healthcare and mixed-use sectors. Last year, the firm received the Autodesk AEC Excellence Award in the Construction: Small Projects (less than $100 million) for their cutting-edge combination of modular construction techniques and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

Amr Raafat, Windover’s Vice President of VDC and Technology, will lead IDEA at Windover. He was named Autodesk’s 2019 AEC Innovator of the Year, an international award recognizing an individual leading, changing, and transforming the design and construction process in a positive way. These honours made Windover the first North American company to receive honours for multiple categories in one calendar year. Windover was a finalist yet again in 2020 in the same category for their combined use of BIM, automation, robotics, mixed reality and prefabrication for the Fuller Mixed-Use Venture in Gloucester, Mass.

The project combined multiple technologies including drone mapping, robotics, automation, BIM-MEP coordination, laser scanning, 4D planning and mixed reality assembly in an industry-first, unprecedented manner to improve onsite productivity and mitigate risk. Windover’s VDC team leveraged a broad spectrum of leading-edge technologies to offer real-time solutions to challenges on the Fuller site, resulting in streamlined construction process, minimized waste and a 70% cost reduction.

“Our work at the Fuller Mixed-Use Venture is a prime example of what can be achieved with the driving force behind IDEA: combining today’s technology with tomorrow’s vision,” said Raafat.

Windover Construction launches IDEA consulting platform for evolving technologies

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