Alisys presents cloud platform to universalize robotics at CES 2021
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Alisys presents cloud platform to universalize robotics at CES 2021

Alisys presents cloud platform to universalize robotics at CES 2021

Alisys will present at CES 2021 a cloud platform that universalizes robotics by allowing the deployment, operation, control and analysis of heterogeneous robot fleets regardless of the manufacturer.

This unique operation and control software enables the teleoperation of autonomous devices such as robots or drones, from anywhere in real time. It also allows the deployment of the same application in different interfaces. Some of the robots that are already connected to this platform are Spot from Boston Dynamics, Pepper from Softbank Robotics or delivery robots, among others.

From 11 to 14 January, Alisys will show in its virtual stand at CES this platform that aims to eliminate the main barriers that the real deployment of robotics has had to date such as high implementation costs, the need for expertise or fear of obsolescence of devices, among others. The Alisys cloud platform allows the visualization, tele-operation and monitoring of different robots without the need to develop specific software for each device, as well as incorporating different robot models as the organization’s needs increase.

For the electronic event, Alisys exemplifies the benefits of the platform through an industrial use case, in which heterogeneous robots are deployed for the documentation of infrastructures, inspection and surveillance of factories, large facilities or industrial areas, contributing to prevention occupational hazards.

So while the dynamic robots Spot and A1, would assist the staff in the inspection rounds and are responsible for accessing the dangerous places; the social robots, such as Pepper, NAO, James or Furhat, would receive the external staff who visit the company and alert the host to notify that their visit has arrived. For their part, the delivery robots would deliver packages from the warehouse to the different areas of the production plant.

This deployment is possible thanks to the teleoperation function and the universal applications designed by Alisys or by the user himself, which allow the same development to be carried out on different robots and operating systems. In this way, it is possible to combine autonomous navigation with remote inspection to direct one or more robots to the desired location.

The platform monitors and analyses the information from the different autonomous devices stored in the cloud. Through a dashboard, it is possible to geolocate each robot, know the status of its battery, memory use and evaluate the performance of the fleet. Therefore, having the necessary insights to carry out a diagnosis and make decisions based on data that improve the efficiency of processes and reduce operating costs.

Alisys presents cloud platform to universalize robotics at CES 2021

Alisys is a Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience that develops technological solutions to improve the relationship between people and organization. Since 2017 Alisys has a robotics focus on extracting the maximum potential of these interfaces through software to apply it in the improvement of services and experiences.

Alisys is a technological partner of Vodafone, official partner of Softbank Robotics, Google, Boston Dynamics y Zorabots. It is also a member of the Blockchain Alastria network.

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