How much is social value worth to your business?  

How much is social value worth to your business?  

How much is social value worth to your business?

With the majority of public sector contracts having 25% of their tenders weighted towards social value, is your business securing top marks? Imagine if a contract was worth £4 million pounds to your business, then it really could be a £1 million question.

Business today has to be extremely clear about what they do, why they do it and the  impact they have on their stakeholders and the planet. These elements play a large part in achieving the highest marks possible when tendering for new contracts.

Be Ethical Training exists to help a business clearly define all of the responsible activities taking place across their organisation and understanding their impact.

When a business defines and takes ownership of their ethical activities they can begin to see sustainability and growth. They  retain their clients and employees, attract new business and  achieve a wider reach through contributing and supporting  their communities.

Co-founder and director Heather de Groot, said: “We understand how important impact reporting is when submitting bids and tenders. It can be the difference between winning a multi-million-pound contract and spending a lot of time and resources completing the document and achieving absolutely nothing in the end. A business might be acting responsibly but aren’t absolutely clear how. They might need guidance in unpicking and defining their activities, communicating them in a way that helps them to achieve the highest mark possible.”

Be Ethical Training began trading in September 2020. Without being able to visit clients, due to the pandemic restrictions, the founder’s Caroline Swailes and Heather de Groot needed to qualify their leads without visiting business owners face to face, so took their services online. With decades of experience in CSR they have created a suite of resources to support organisations to get clear about their social value and CSR, in the aim of supporting their client’s growth strategies,  engagement and philanthropic activities.

Director Caroline Swailes comments: “We have been supporting businesses to understand their contributions for many years and have witnessed some unbelievable outcomes because of people’s commitment to that business, the planet and their communities. We want to be part of the change for a business, giving them the skill set to propel their activities forward for good. The pandemic has been tough for many businesses and we appreciate that they might see what we offer as a ‘nice to have’. We believe that being clear and acting responsibly is the only way to do business today, especially when bidding for new contracts. CSR is a differentiator and can be a USP and this isn’t likely to change. “

Be Ethical Training is delivering a social value workshop on the 26th January 2021 to support an organisation to get really clear about how to answer their social value questions in bids and tenders. You can download a free resource on their website in preparation for the workshop together with submitting your own questions, for them to answer and use in the session.

You can book on to the event here and download the free resource here.

Post source : Be Ethical Training Ltd

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