REIWA Engine enters Clean Tech market with SandStorm solar panel cleaning robot
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REIWA Engine enters Clean Tech market with SandStorm solar panel cleaning robot

REIWA Engine enters Clean Tech market with SandStorm solar panel cleaning robot

SandStorm is a new patented technology, made in Sicily, which reduces the costs of maintenance and cleaning of photovoltaic systems by 30%.

SandStorm was invented by a Sicilian engineer, Salvatore Occhipinti, together with the team at the start-up REIWA Engine. It is the first robot to revolutionize the field of solar panel cleaning and the first project of a start-up from Ragusa to be chosen to participate in the largest international exhibition dedicated to consumer electronics CES 2021.

REIWA Engine revolution

The SandStorm robot revolutionizes the solar panel cleaning sector because it allows to reduce by 30% the costs of maintenance and cleaning of the systems. The target markets is that of large photovoltaic parks that due to soiling (the layer of dust or sand that reduces the absorption of sunlight by the panels) lose about 25% of production. A loss that for the big of the green economy results in serious economic losses but that thanks to the technology of REIWA Engine can be zeroed.

The interest of Enel Green Power

For years, the major global players in green energy have been investing in the search for more effective cleaning and maintenance systems to reduce losses and optimize efficiency. Today, thanks to the technology patented by REIWA Engine, it will be possible to increase energy production at a lower cost.

For this reason, Enel Green Power, the world’s largest private player in the sector, has shown interest in the REIWA Engine project and is testing its performance.

The revolutionary technology of REIWA Engine

Thanks to patented technology, REIWA Engine has developed a robot that makes cleaning more efficient because it moves in absolute autonomy in every area of the photovoltaic plant overcoming all the differences in height between the rows of panels that current robots cannot overcome.

This is not the only advantage in terms of economy and efficiency: SandStorm is also much lighter and easier to assemble, optimizing logistics and transport, is not subject to wear and tear and is equipped with proprietary software that allows any maintenance work in real time and at no cost.

In addition, it is equipped with a washing system that also saves on resources such as water fuel and labour needed for most of the current cleaning systems.

REIWA Engine, collateral Technology made in Sicily

REIWA Engine is a project all made in Sicily. It is a system integrator that studies, designs and implements customized and versatile solutions in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and industrial automation. Engineer and CEO Salvatore Occhipinti, inventor of Sandstorm and beyond, founded it together with partners and consultants with IT, mechanical and marketing skills.

The management team also includes Salvo Salerno, who defines sales and marketing strategies and coordinates all work teams, and Lara Licitra, Office Manager. All of them come from Ragusa and are young, but they are not rookies because they already have many projects and collaborations in the automation and robotics sector.

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