TourBox showcases the Ultimate Controller for Creators at CES 2021
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TourBox showcases the Ultimate Controller for Creators at CES 2021

TourBox showcases the Ultimate Controller for Creators at CES 2021

TourBox, the brand which has emerged in the global creative interaction field, this time brings their updated version based on TourBox original: TourBox Neo, with its optimized design and wider solution portfolio to the CES 2021.

The Ultimate Controller for Creators

Normally, the editing work is processing with the keyboard, mouse, or drawing tablet. TourBox simplifies the equipment required for the entire manipulation. It can not only set the shortcut functions on the keyboard but also available with various mouse functions. Most importantly, with massive built-in functions and ergonomic design, you can fully master your workflow with one hand.

Simple logic and intuitive usability are what TourBox always pursue. For people who are struggling with different editing manipulations, TourBox is your ultimate solution. TourBox, a compact controller with a solid array of customizable buttons and dials. The specific functions of wheels and buttons change based on what software you are using and how you choose to configure the device.

Whether you are using graphic design software, such as Photoshop®, Lightroom®, Illustrator®, and Capture One®, drawing software, like Clip Studio Paint®, Comic Studio®, and SAI®, or video and audio editing software, like Final Cut Pro®, Premiere Pro®, After Effects®, DaVinci Resolve®, you can use TourBox to operate creative software in an incredibly intuitive way. And goes beyond merely keyboard shortcuts when it comes to mapping functions to Photoshop®, Lightroom®, Premiere Pro®, since they made loads of built-in function developments.

TourBox showcases the Ultimate Controller for Creators at CES 2021

The Newest Neo Version

TourBox’s newest Neo version upgraded its electronic components and optimized the overall layout, All components are further and carefully calibrated for different functional scenarios. Whether it’s Knob, Dial, or Scroll, each of their rotations is exactly what you expect, and the speed, acceleration, and accuracy are all controlled exactly the way you want.

With the accurate tuning capability, TourBox Neo can provide an incredibly user-friendly experience at all times. The newly added pressing function to the Knob & Dial means more diversified combinations among all the inputs.

Focus on Creativity Itself

A well-built layout and ergonomic design make the TourBox controller easy for the user to cover all the inputs with only one hand. Best of all, TourBox keeps your dominant hand free, so you can focus on your editing strokes and eyes on creating. Diversified inputs enable users to automatically manipulate the controller via differentiated tactile, which means you can have your full focus on the screen instead of staring at the device in order to find certain keys.

No more complicated procedures and no more distractions, your creativity will be uninterrupted. The updated TourBox software version highlights seamless switching between multiple software operations by auto-switching.

TourBox showcases the Ultimate Controller for Creators at CES 2021

More Customizable to Wider Creative Scenarios

Up to now, TourBox launched a total of 4 full sets of default preset, respectively for Photoshop®、Lightroom®, Premiere Pro® editing, and Premiere Pro® color grading, equipped with hundreds of new developed built-in software functions.

The TourBox presents a great performance of slider adjustments in Lightroom®. Its buttons switch between different parameter bars and the central Knob is used to dial in changes.

Lightroom® is all about sliders—they’re used to adjust pretty much everything, ranging from canvas rotation to exposure to color channels. By default, you get quick access to exposure, contrast, black, white, highlight, and shadow adjustment via button taps, and the Scroll wheel is used for color channel adjustments. An interactive HUD stays on screen at all times and you can make a visual navigation map pop up with just one click.

The greatest part is, after all the adjustments, you can reset selected sliders to initial values with one click, seamlessly view the contrast between Before and After.

The performance of TourBox in Photoshop® is classical and reliable as always. Accurate brush control via versatile Knob enables you to easily control the size, flow, transparency, and hardness of the brush without interrupting your drawing process. During photo retouching/painting, you can use one hand to paint while using the other to operate the TourBox to freely switch tools via D-pads between pen, pencil, and fountain pen, or to adjust stroke size.

TourBox also brings more intuitive manipulation in video editing areas. During the video editing, constantly scrubbing back and forth through a timeline to make sure a clip is precisely where it needs to seem unavoidable. But with TourBox, the Dial and Knob allowed the editor to quickly scrub back and forth without having to move the mouse.

This process also simplifies a lot of zooms in/out and trimming so you can precisely edit down to an individual frame. Map these two functions to the Scroll and Wheel, then just scrolling up and down with one hand and keep another hand on the mouse.

Basically, just as the same as in Lightroom®, the effect also reflects well in the colour grading function of Premiere Pro®. Color grading only requires the one-handed operation of the TourBox to switch the parameter bar, turning the Dial or Knob to move the slider, you can modify the value precisely without even moving your mouse.

TourBox showcases the Ultimate Controller for Creators at CES 2021

Unremitting Efforts to Optimize User Experience

In the full year of 2020, TourBox has made endless efforts for their internal improvement, more than ten times of firmware and software upgrades.

Upholding the ingenuity spirit for the products, TourBox continuously reaches out to the authoritative professionals in creative fields for improvement schemes, positively absorbing over thousands of users’ advice, furthermore, constructing a vibrant TourBox product community of presets and experience sharing.

TourBox showcases the Ultimate Controller for Creators at CES 2021

Tourbox on Kickstarter

TourBox was launched on Kickstarter at the end of 2018 and successfully manufactured in mass production at the end of 2019. Followed by greatly succeeding crowdfunds in Taiwan and Japan at the beginning of 2020, then TourBox released their official retail in mid-2020.

So far, TourBox has gained over 100,000 users worldwide

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