FORO launches AI based Project and Contract Bundling platform for State DoT’s

FORO launches AI based Project and Contract Bundling platform for State DoT’s

FORO launches AI based Project and Contract Bundling platform for State DoT’s

Atlanta-based FORO has announced its proprietary AI supported process (patent pending) specifically for Project and Contract Bundling for state Departments of Transportation that distils massive amounts of data into actionable insights.

FORO, a Group Solutions™ company, worked in close partnership with Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) for a year to build a Project and Contract Bundling platform that saves both time and money, and makes the entire selection process much more strategic.

Using FORO’s AI process for their project bundling, INDOT found more than $120 million in project savings over 5 years. They also experienced 1,400 hour reduction in staff time required to produce contract bundles, according to FORO founder Brett Boston.

“Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning are here now and changing the way organizations make decisions,” said Boston. “And transportation agencies will be engaging this technology for their internal decisions on projects and contract bundling in the future.  It is not if, just a question of when.” 

Boston, who is a veteran expert of group decision processes and technology, says FORO invested the time to understand the challenges that state transportation agencies and staff faced in their mission to keep road systems open and safe every day.

“What came out of our innovative partnership is a clear demonstration that our AI supported process makes construction project and contract bundling easier and faster.  Bundling will be an important part in every agency’s future,” Boston said. “The sooner they get there the faster they will realize the benefits and savings.”

Boston says agencies need to move beyond their current manual project/ contract bundling process. AI and Machine Learning saves staff time, money, and achieves better construction outcomes faster.

“We love to work with organizations that see the future coming and want to get ahead of the curve,” said Boston.

Most people take our roads and bridges for granted.  But America’s road system is the backbone of our economy.  Transportation agencies are always under pressure to keep their roads rolling, and time and resources are always tight.

FORO consolidates all project data and creates the optimum decision-making criteria.  Then staff can easily and quickly review multi bundling options that were just not possible previously using their traditional internal bundling process.

FORO’s AI supported process allows agencies to gain better insights of project options through more thorough analysis.  In the end staff makes optimum decisions based on their mission and resources.

“It is an honour to work with these dedicated transportation professionals, who work tirelessly to keep the greatest road system on the planet moving,” said Boston.

Post source : FORO, LLC

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