How to find and hire Civil Engineers

How to find and hire Civil Engineers

How to find and hire Civil Engineers

According to Tinypulse, the era of the traditional 8-hour day is coming to an end. It is being replaced by a convenient flexible schedule. Freelance employment is confidently striding into the future, leading a huge army of free creators. Specialists from different fields are actively working in a free mode, realizing their personal potential to the maximum.

But employers have not been idle – more and more companies and individuals are seeing the benefits of freelance civil engineers to help cut costs and increase their bottom line. Freelancers are also in demand to deliver their unique skill sets to various projects. So what are good tips for hiring engineers?


How to find and hire Civil Engineers


Only by examining a freelancers portfolio can you understand whether they can fulfil your project expectations. Novice freelancers especially need to show their work in the best light as they do not have the experience to show-off.

Studying the portfolio of a specialist also makes it possible to find out if they have experience in performing similar work.

It is also important to understand that recruiting outside the office is very different from recruiting full-time in-house staff.

The main indicators that it is recommended to concentrate on include:

  • Experience and qualifications. It is necessary for any job seeker, but it is especially relevant for a civil engineer. Study the applicant’s portfolio in order to understand their level of professionalism and industry acceptable qualifications.
  • Mindfulness. This point, in particular, concerns the terms of reference. If at the beginning of work the applicant asks overly detailed questions, this may cast doubt on their authenticity. But the complete absence of clarifications may also indicate the same.
  • Finance. Competent specialists, as a rule, evaluate each project after clarifying all the details, so can then judge whether the financial remuneration is inline with the projected specifications.
  • Punctuality. After sending a job offer, if the answer comes back after 24 hours, or even later, then this is a wake-up call and might indicate an issue with deadlines and professionalism.
  • Politeness. An important point that makes a professional stand out is their professional manner. Be sure to consider how the applicant negotiates. Do you like their communication style? How do they react to feedback and constructive criticism?
  • Reliability. What could be better than being able to rely entirely on your contractor, who is ready to fulfil their obligations for you without having to be chased.
  • Communication. A lack of mutual understanding and personal hostility does not make the best companions for successful co-operation. All parties must communicate professionally and courteously at all times.
  • Willingness to accept criticism. Behind this lies a demonstration of respect for your opinion, as well as a desire to work together.


How to find and hire Civil Engineers

Where to look for freelance employees

There are several variants on how to find civil engineers. The first way is to look for a freelancer through referrals. If you have already worked with any freelancers, then you can ask for recommendations. Generally, freelancers know each other and they can help you to find an appropriate person.

The second option is to search for performers through numerous engineering marketplaces. The most popular platform is Engre. Civil engineers at are able to cope with any complicated task as well as a wide range of provided services could satisfy the needs of any client.

How to find and hire Civil Engineers

Why do companies hire freelancers?

  • 90% of top managers believe that outsourcing is profitable.
  • No need for constant monitoring.
  • Increase in labour productivity.
  • More flexible choice of working hours.
  • The ability to hire employees from different countries and cities.

The growth of the freelance services market is undoubtedly of great benefit to small and medium business owners.

Perhaps in the near future, we will see an even greater increase in employer loyalty to independent professionals and will witness a trend to provide a social package for freelancers.

Increased competition among freelancers will inevitably lead to improved development of their professional skills.

With the development of technology and virtual globalization, the demand for knowledge in the field of civil engineering will only grow.

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