SimScale launching series of Industrial Simulation Workshops
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SimScale launching series of Industrial Simulation Workshops

SimScale launching series of Industrial Simulation Workshops

SimScale GmbH, the provider of the world’s first production-ready SaaS application for engineering simulation, today announced a series of free workshops held jointly with leading global engineering design firms.

The series consists of several two-part workshops on a range of topics, each with a live webinar followed by a hands-on simulation workshop. Expert guest speakers from multiple industries will share their thought-leadership and best practice application of engineering simulation.

The first live event will feature Thornton Tomasetti. Guest speaker, Jeroen Janssen, Associate Director at Thornton Tomasetti leads the CORE Studio R&D Team. Mr Janssen will share insights on how his team developed an in-house digital wind tunnel app by integrating SimScale with Grasshopper to accelerate their building design processes.

This two-part event will also feature a hands-on workshop, showing attendees how to set up and run a pedestrian wind comfort simulation for a city centre.

The SimScale API, a recent platform development, allows architects, engineers, and computational designers to link their internal workflows and processes such as CAD, directly to the SimScale simulation engine and perform environmental and microclimate analyses.

Launching the API with a first integrated solution, a designer or architect can now use Rhino and the SimScale API to directly send geometry to SimScale, and simulate multiple design iterations in parallel. This process can be further automated and streamlined into apps to deliver multiple design scenarios and results quickly. Collaboration and admin features also allow for this process to be managed, and quality assured by expert users within an organization.

Upcoming events:

  • Design Buildings Faster by Harnessing the Power of the Cloud – with Thornton Tomasetti. Live Webinar March 3 and live hands-on workshop on March 9. Register for both here.
  • Fast & Easy Electronics Thermal Management – with Forwiz System. Live Webinar March 4 and live hands-on workshop on March 10. Register for both here.
  • Digital Innovations in the Design of Sustainable Buildings and Structures – with Mott MacDonald. Live Webinar March 16 and live hands-on workshop on March 23. Register for both here.

SimScale launching series of Industrial Simulation Workshops

Learn more about how SimScale’s cloud solution can help designers here.

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