Benninghoven TBA 3000 produces special mixtures for Formula 1 track in Sochi
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Benninghoven TBA 3000 produces special mixtures for Formula 1 track in Sochi

Benninghoven TBA 3000 produces special mixtures for Formula 1 track in Sochi

Formula 1 race tracks are one of the greatest challenges for installation teams and machinery. The Russian building contractor Tekhalyans already used Benninghoven technology during the initial construction of the SOCHI AUTODROM.

To ensure the highest quality standards for the upcoming maintenance work, Tekhalyans has now invested in a new asphalt mixing plant.

Asphalt quality for 320 km/h top speed

The SOCHI AUTODROM in the Russian city of Sochi is one of the 23 venues of the Formula 1. Of all motorsports vehicles, Formula 1 cars have the most extreme effect on the asphalt of these circuits. The requirements profile for the surface structure is the perfect balance between smoothness and grip. It is therefore not surprising that this asphalt requires high-tech solutions. The special recipe was developed by a German engineering laboratory specifically for the requirements in Sochi, also accounting for the subtropical climate.

The latest Benninghoven technologies are used for producing the asphalt. The Russian contractor Tekhalyans has been awarded the contract for resurfacing the circuit every two years. The decision for taking on this challenge with the help of the state-of-the-art features of the TBA 3000 was based on many years of positive experiences with Benninghoven.

Benninghoven TBA 3000 produces special mixtures for Formula 1 track in Sochi

TBA 3000 doubles effectiveness

A brand-new TBA 3000 was installed to meet the many requirements specified by internationally renowned experts and to produce the special asphaltic mixtures for the Sochi Autodrom reliably and with top quality. The asphalt mixing plant in Sochi is state of the art in all respects. It replaces the previous MBA 2000 plant and offers higher mixing capacities and an option for using reclaimed asphalt.

Specifically, the mixing capacity increased from 160 t/h to 240 t/h, and the screen for separating the aggregates is now a 6-fold version instead of the previous 4-fold model. This sets up Tekhalyans ready for the future also beyond the demands of the Formula 1, as many public tenders are based on the new GOST regulations, which require more specialised recipes for motorways.

Multi-variable feed for 40% recycling content

One special aspect of new Benninghoven plants is the consistent development of future-oriented solutions for environmental protection. The option for adding recycling materials ensures ecological, sustainable and efficient use of the TBA 3000. The cold material is added through the multi-variable feed, a patented Benninghoven technology. When the TBA 3000 is used in “normal” road construction, new raw materials can be produced from construction waste. This saves money and protects resources.

If Tekhalyans wants to further increase the recycling content, the plant can be retrofitted easily. With the recycling drum with hot-gas generator as the hot feed system, the plant can even process as much as 80% recycling content.

EVO JET burner reduces energy consumption

Lower energy costs also played into Tekhalyans’ decision to invest in the TBA 3000. The EVO JET 3 with 18.9 MW burner output was installed as a combination burner. The energy efficient burner can be run with heating oil or natural gas, allowing the owner to always use the most cost efficient fuel.

Benninghoven TBA 3000 produces special mixtures for Formula 1 track in Sochi

New weighing and mixing section ensures process reliability

The special asphaltic mixture for the Sochi Autodrom is produced exclusively from precisely defined virgin mineral and other carefully selected ingredients. The weighing and mixing section is crucial for ensuring that the asphaltic mixture achieves its high quality.

n addition to the polymer modified bitumen, the mineral and the filler, it also doses polymer fibres directly into the mixer through two fully automated feed systems. These aggregates give the asphalt the required special properties.

The TBA 3000 places the construction company in the perfect position for maintaining the race track as well as for resurfacing or building new roads in and around Sochi.

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