Sitetracker beta Contractor Portal allows external workers and contractors to collaborate
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Sitetracker beta Contractor Portal allows external workers and contractors to collaborate

Sitetracker beta Contractor Portal allows external workers and contractors to collaborate

Sitetracker, the global standard for deploying, operating, and servicing critical infrastructure technology, announces that the Sitetracker Contractor Portal is now available in beta.

The Sitetracker Contractor Portal is the most efficient and cost-effective way for organizations to delegate and assign work to its contractors while maintaining deployment and maintenance visibility across the entire project and asset portfolio.

The Sitetracker Contractor Portal enables companies to provide their external workers with access to vital project information without the need to purchase additional Sitetracker Platform licenses. Each customer’s SCP exists as a separate site but is pre-integrated with their specific org and is built with its custom configurations: project templates, forms, and more display in the same manner that it does in a customer’s main org. Not only does this provide real-time visibility into contractor work, but it will further enable companies to align external crews’ workflows and processes with internal standards.

“In addition to providing a cost-effective way for our customers to collaborate with their contractors, the Sitetracker Contractor Portal is also the fastest way to onboard multiple crews that may come from different organizations. We want to empower our customers to drive standardization especially when working with a transient workforce. We’ve also designed the Portal so that workers can only see the tasks and projects assigned to them. We want our customers to be able to maintain the focus of their external crews to only the work they ought to complete,” remarked Brett Cupta, Sitetracker’s VP of Product.

Sitetracker customers can provide access to their SCP in two ways: named-user and pooled logins. The former provides unlimited access to a customer’s SCP and is assigned to a specific user. Named-user logins are intended for external project managers or program managers who must login daily to receive and update project information. Pooled logins may be used by anyone in a designated crew and provide unlimited access to an SCP for 24 hours. These logins are intended for field techs or engineers who may only need to access the Portal once or very infrequently for the duration of their project.

“Sitetracker understands that the deployment of critical infrastructure is collaborative and cross-functional in nature. One of the greatest challenges our customers face is ensuring alignment and focus with external teams to get projects done faster and with visibility. The Sitetracker Contractor Portal does exactly that while still being cost-effective,” states Giuseppe Incitti, Sitetracker’s CEO.

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