Procore announces enhanced Preconstruction solution at Procore Innovation Summit

Procore announces enhanced Preconstruction solution at Procore Innovation Summit

Procore announces enhanced Preconstruction solution at Procore Innovation Summit

Procore Technologies a leading provider of construction management software, announced an enhanced Preconstruction solution at today’s Procore Innovation Summit.

This solution connects people, designs, and data across preconstruction and the course of construction on Procore’s platform, with analytics tools to support the entire process.

According to a 2018 study conducted by FMI, correcting work that was incorrectly done, or rework, cost over $500 billion in 2018. On average, 52% of that rework was caused by poor project data and communication.

Procore Preconstruction is tailored for owners, general contractors and specialty contractors looking to win and build more profitable projects, while reducing risk and rework. Every project stakeholder can now be connected to a project’s design, estimates, bidding and budgets within the Procore platform.

Improving Estimates by Connecting Estimating to Financials

Procore Preconstruction starts with estimating and takeoff, and the data flows into bidding and financials tools. This allows users to better manage project costs through all phases of construction, by connecting the preconstruction teams with the field.

Procore acquired construction estimating and takeoff company Esticom in October 2020. Esticom’s technology is now integrated into the Procore platform and its user interface, enabling users to:

  • Automatically create their budget and prime contracts directly from an estimate with a single click, preventing important information from being lost in the transition from preconstruction to operations.
  • Streamline change management and ensure their total estimated profit is not lost between systems or teams — made possible by connecting drawing markups to estimating via the Drawings tool.
  • Build more accurate takeoffs faster with Auto-Count, an artificial intelligence feature that assists in symbol recognition.
  • Use Procore’s new benchmark data, available within Procore Analytics, to compare the past performance of initial estimates to the final budget at project delivery. The performance of specific specialty contractors across projects of similar size and type can also be compared.

Scott Polsen, Managing Director at Benmax, said: “Procore Analytics provides visibility for us to analyse and validate information quickly, to allow us to make decisions faster and with more confidence.”

Better Design Coordination to Ensure Constructability

If the first half of reducing cost risk is to make better estimates, the second half is better design coordination to ensure constructability. Constructability review is an all-hands-on-deck process with the design team and the project team collaborating to flag issues and ultimately ensure that the plans put into action can be delivered as designed.

Procore Preconstruction has tools for effectively managing design collaboration, including:

  • Coordination issues: This new tool allows teams to track and manage all 2D and 3D design issues in one location, and to perform collaborative design reviews on drawings.
  • “Follow Me” feature in Procore BIM: Users can see all active users reviewing the model and navigate directly to their location with a single click, making design reviews more efficient and effective.
  • Dynamic 2D Views from Procore BIM: Users can create 2D drawing views of the design from the BIM model. Now teams can see all building systems consolidated in a single view to make sure everything is coordinated and properly located prior to construction.

Josh Soules, Foreman at North Mechanical Contracting, said: “Having access to elevation drawings, on-the-fly, in Procore, is just one more tool that enables me to do my job more efficiently.”

Post source : Procore Technologies, Inc.

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