Lafarge Canada keeps Concrete Trucks safe with digital Driver Vehicle Inspection
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Lafarge Canada keeps Concrete Trucks safe with digital Driver Vehicle Inspection

Lafarge Canada keeps Concrete Trucks safe with digital Driver Vehicle Inspection

Driven to deliver innovative and creative solutions for employees and customers, Lafarge Canada is using tablets to help keep roads safer and operations running efficiently across Western Canada.

Lafarge Canada has introduced a digital DVIR, or Driver Vehicle Inspection Report, that will have positive impacts on operations and customer service. The DVIR provides a formal record confirming that the driver has completed the inspection of their vehicle and whether the vehicle is safe for the road or not – quickly integrating the team from mechanics to drivers through to dispatchers.

Digitizing the inspection process allows the organization to achieve their goals and meet all external stakeholder’s requirements, while also going paperless. A digital version streamlines the inspection process and enables drivers to complete their reports faster, without missing any required fields and deliver real-time results. Mechanics will now be able to view the DVIRS in advance and prepare for any potential safety or service issues.

“The trucks have to be checked before and after every time they head out for the day,” explains Dave Schmidt, Ready Mix Fleet and Training Manager. “We see everything in real time thanks to the tablets, and we maximize our opportunity to stay on top of every single maintenance requirement, no matter how small.” Maintaining equipment is a part of the organization’s commitment to maximizing efficiency alongside safety.

“They’re our priorities,” explains Prez Skiba, VPGM for Northern Alberta. “The best way for us to serve our customers, our employees, and our communities is to make safety the most important goal – that lets us operate sustainably, and reduce unnecessary idling, ensure the trucks perform well, and reduce our fuel consumption.” The digitization was completed as a part of theConcreteDirect smartphone app designed to reduce complexity and enable customers to manage and track concrete orders. As the app has evolved over 2020 and 2021, usage has tripled, while nearly half a million touchless deliveries have taken place. The app is available across North America in all Holcim operations.

“This is how we do business,” says Skiba. “Going digital helps our employees to operate safely, it shows our customers that drivers help keep worksites safe, and it makes sure our equipment is running as efficiently as possible.”

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