Schwing America upgrades Single Rear Steering for Trucks
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Schwing America upgrades Single Rear Steering for Trucks

Schwing America upgrades Single Rear Steering for Trucks

The Schwing single rear steer system has been upgraded on S 58/61 SX to provide more reliability and functionality.

The Schwing America upgrade to its Single Rear Steer (SRS) includes a higher load rated axle, electric over hydraulic steering and VSE controller. Rear steer acts as a front wheel drive in reverse powering the unit out of the ruts and backing in the desired direction.

The new SISU rear steer axle is static rated at 31,000 pounds, which is up from the previous 22,000-pound rating. The heavier rated axle assists static loading on rearmost axle when switching from Pumping to Driving modes.

The SISU axle is more closely aligned with the output of the Mack drive axle, thus reducing driveline angles. Reduced driveline angles significantly lowering torsional vibration allowing speeds of up to 65 miles per hour. Past axles only allowed for a top speed of 58 miles per hour.

With this upgrade, mechanical steering has been replaced with more robust electric over hydraulic steering; this removes the steering shafting running the entire length of the frame. It also allows the rear steer axle to lock straight above 25 mph. The new system gives the S 58/61 SX a tighter turning radius while reducing overall weight. VSE controller shows axle status, troubleshooting and warning message display.

“We are excited about this upgraded rear steering system,” said Scott Roisum, director of engineering at Schwing America. “We’ve taken a great rear steer system and made it even better with these new enhancements.”

Schwing America upgrades Single Rear Steering for Trucks

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