Safe use of Portable Generator urged during Hurricane Season

Safe use of Portable Generator urged during Hurricane Season

Safe use of Portable Generator urged during Hurricane Season

Weather experts predict a dangerous and active hurricane season, a time when usage of portable generators peaks. And Tropical Storm Elsa is already here.

Unfortunately, the storms themselves are not the only risk factor—and, in fact, are not always the leading cause of injury or death.

Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association

Portable generators are life-saving emergency safety tools; however, because of improper consumer use, people suffer carbon monoxide poisoning year after year. To put this into perspective, when Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana in August 2020, 26 people died due to various circumstances, with carbon monoxide poisoning claiming the most lives—nine.

The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association (PGMA) wants to rewrite the news story in advance of this season’s first storm.

Take it Outside is a program developed to help keep owners of portable generators and their families safe by encouraging at-risk residents to start thinking about where generators can be safely used. Much like preparing families for a fire and creating a strategy in advance of calamity, actions are needed—and can be taken—before a storm strikes.

Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association

Specifically, the Take it Outside program emphasizes that the only safe way to operate a portable generator is by taking it outside.

Planning for:

  1. where you will position your alternative energy source and
  2. ensuring you have enough extension cord length to accommodate the safe distance is mandatory to keep people safe from the colourless, odourless threat of carbon monoxide.

Complete primer notes are available at PGMA’s public safety site.

Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association

Inevitably, storms will come, and power outages will happen. What can and does help is preparedness!

Please consider reviewing our safety materials, make a plan, and practice the plan.

Post source : Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association

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