Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

CASE Construction Equipment today launched the new Backhoe Loader SV Series, over 60 years in the making and widely acclaimed legendary king of backhoe loaders.

A pioneer market leader since 1957, the SV Series features a new expanded cab with enhanced controls, new FPT Stage V engine and retains the best in class features and performance. These features deliver benefits including greater operator comfort, increased productivity, reduced emissions and lower total cost of ownership, all supported by CASE® Service Solutions.

“The new Backhoe Loader SV Series is the highest performing, most productive, fuel efficient and reliable backhoe loader available,” highlights Egidio Galano, Product Management Director, CASE Construction Equipment, Europe. “We have totally re-engineered the cab for optimal operator comfort, introduced an FPT-designed Stage V engine with significant emissions savings whilst maintaining performance, and unique features such as the integrated quick coupler still being part of the best-in-class specification.”

Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

Productivity gains with superior operator comfort and control

The totally redesigned and restyled interior and exterior cab is wider, providing greater clearance for the operator’s legs when rotating the seat between forward facing and rear facing configuration, and superior accessibility to the cab. The left-hand cab console redesign also places the wiper tank beneath one of the new open tray storage units, enabling convenient refills via the left-hand door.

“Comfortable operators are productive operators, and the new Backhoe Loader SV Series has many improvements that add up to big productivity gains,” continues Galano. “A relocated parking brake, new speedometer option, regrouped switches on the right-hand console, new integrated F-N-R switch in the loader control lever on the Power Shift model, new joystick roller switch for extending dipper operation and relocated stabiliser levers all add up to time savings.”

Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

Operator safety has been enhanced with new rear side glasses that provide greater visibility and are less expensive to replace. Additional safety features include a 3db in-cab noise reduction to 74db, compared to the previous model, and relocating the horn switch onto the left gear shifter on Power Shift units for easier and quicker accessibility in case of emergency. Safety and comfort have clearly been a focus of the SV series’ design team.

Finally, operators’ comfort and needs have been further accommodated by including 2 USB ports, a 12v port on the instrument cluster, a mobile phone holder, latest Bluetooth technology, and an industry leading storage capacity that is 4 times greater than the previous series. It includes 2 lockable compartments, 2 bottle holders, 4 open trays, and a cooling box, all finished with practical yet stylish injection moulded plastics.

Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

Efficiency, emissions and TCO benefits from an advanced FPT-designed Stage V engine

CASE’s partnership with FPT has resulted in a new F36 Stage V engine that delivers the near-impossible – reduced emissions with no loss of performance and improved reliability, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). The engine has been specifically designed for medium load operations, typical for Backhoe loaders.

FPT has, for example, developed a specific after-treatment optimised for compact equipment. Compact High Efficiency SCR2 (Hi-eSCR2) is designed for applications with working cycles that typically generate low exhaust temperatures and include frequent stop and go cycles. Low rate EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) enables NOx reduction with compact SCR (selective catalytic reduction) dimensions while optimised DPF (diesel particulate filter) technology ensures high PM removal at low operating temperatures. All these benefits when combined with the ECO mode generate fuel consumption savings of up to 10%.

The 3.6 litre 4-cylinder 16v 1800 bar common rail injection engine with WG turbocharger, delivers industry-leading performance up to 82 kW and 460 Nm, all in the same highly compact layout as previous models, enabling high manoeuvrability and visibility. Efficient low-rate EGR technology and an operator-controlled ECO mode further improve efficiency and productivity.

Operating costs have been minimised through a 500-hour oil change interval, variable volume pump that only provides oil when needed, and maintenance free after treatment system (ATS), for reduced operating costs and maximised uptime. The familiar and effective one side serviceability layout is retained for swift and convenient maintenance operations. The unique Hi-eSCR2 is maintenance-free, with low operating costs and no downtime for filter replacement or mechanical cleaning during the first 8000-hours.

Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

Boosting uptime and customer peace of mind with CASE® Service Solutions

To further boost the productivity, profitability and uptime of the compelling range of new CASE Backhoe Loader SV Series, CASE has created a range of connected and non-connected after-sales services, CASE Service Solutions, which supports customers’ experiences of CASE equipment.

The complete fleet management tool CASE SiteWatch™ enables geolocation, fleet security using geo-fences and unauthorized use alerts and flexible reporting. This includes key performance indicators (KPIs) such as fuel consumption, utilisation rate, machine hours and idle time, so productivity and profitability can be monitored and optimised. The data is easily accessible via a portal.

CASE SiteConnect enhances telemetry data used by CASE’s Uptime Center team to provide dealers with alerts based on machine performance. Fast corrective action to minimise downtime is possible, as dealers remotely access machine data and take corrective action faster. This enables dealers to be proactive in managing customers’ machines and boosting uptime. Both SiteWatch and SiteConnect are available as options with the new SV range.

Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

Customers benefit from greater peace of mind with CASE Care, CASE Protect and CASE Fluid Analysis. CASE Care is a standard planned maintenance programme, with genuine parts and lubricants. The programme is underpinned by the support, logistics and technical expertise of the wide-reaching CASE dealer network. CASE Protect is an extended warranty program and CASE Fluid Analysis aims to prevent major failures, optimising the asset reliability and extending operating lifetimes.

CASE Service Solutions is designed to keep customer equipment in top condition with maximum uptime, no unexpected costs and optimised profitability. The solution is available now in selected markets, with Europe-wide availability soon.

Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

A lifetime of innovation: The Legend of The King continues

“This latest SV series from CASE follows over sixty years of innovation that has earned all CASE backhoe loaders their unofficial name of The King,” explains Galano. “CASE manufactured the first ever factory integrated backhoe loader in 1957, closely followed by the first diesel powered model in 1959. Many more firsts followed with ride control, powershift transmission and the uniquely flexible integrated quick coupler, a major feature even in today’s models.”

Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

Galano concludes: “The game changing features in the Backhoe Loader SV series have been driven by our customers and dealers, alongside the core values of hands-on problem solving that provides reliable solutions and builds communities. When choosing the SV series, our customers will discover new ways of working built on trust, high performance, comfort and cost reductions.”

Case re-engineers their acclaimed SV Series Backhoe Loader

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