Atlas refines 1604 ZW road-rail excavators with technical enhancements
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Atlas refines 1604 ZW road-rail excavators with technical enhancements

Atlas refines 1604 ZW road-rail excavators with technical enhancements

The ATLAS 1604 ZW has been further developed in many technical details – DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH now has 16 excavators of this new series in operation – 100% engageable limited slip differential for rigid axle – stability improved

16 ATLAS 1604 ZW road-rail excavators off the new series have been purchased by  DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH and are in use on the lines of Deutsche Bahn AG. The new machines of the 2020 series represent a real leap forward in quality. Through intensive exchange with practical experience, a number of application-oriented aspects have been further developed, which have raised the ATLAS road-rail excavators to a new, higher level.

The new model has received all the necessary approvals from EBA/DB Netz AG. DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG and provides construction services for DB AG´s railway infrastructure throughout Germany.

Unique – rear radius variants under 2 m possible

The ATLAS 1604 ZW is available in two different rear radius variants: 2,000 mm and 1,750 mm. The ATLAS 1404 ZW model can even be supplied with a rear radius of 1,575 mm. These make the ATLAS ZW excavators highly versatile machines.

The counterweight is integrated, making the ATLAS a true short-tail excavator. A low centre of gravity and a traverse mounted engine ensure optimum stability and stability when working on the track. The chassis with robust, specially designed excavator axles with planetary gears in all 4 wheel hubs as well as all-wheel drive, variable speed motor with powershift transmission and a double-acting travel brake valve are the prerequisites for safe driving on the track as well.

The newly designed rigid axle now has a switchable, 100% limited slip differential. In addition, the track wheel axle is equipped with robust, easily mounted and dismounted locking devices that provide additional stability on the track and can be used as an option.

Atlas refines 1604 ZW road-rail excavators with technical enhancements

Exhaust emission standard Euro V

The new Deutz engines with 115 KW/157 hp meet the exhaust emission standards of EU Stage V/US-EPA. They are quiet at 97 dB(A) outside and 71 dB(A) inside and are equipped with an exhaust gas aftertreatment system with closed diesel particulate filter and combined SCR catalytic converter.

The road-rail excavators are equipped with Linde´s proven load-sensing hydraulics. The intelligent ATLAS hydraulic management system AWE 4 enables load-independent superimposition of working movements.

Safety also in detail

The computer-supported slewing limitation reduces the superstructure speed proportionally when the end point is reached and then switches off the superstructure slewing gear.

The electronic lifting height limitation (excavator boom) also works in such a way that any damage to signalling equipment, noise barriers, overhead lines etc. can be ruled out. The maximum boom height and the slewing range oft he working tool in relation to the calculation point are taken into account.

Very important: The system recognizes when an attachment is mounted and adjusts the programmed working height accordingly. The movement stops when the programmed end point is reached. The load moment limitation according to DIN EN 15746-2 is also integrated.

Atlas refines 1604 ZW road-rail excavators with technical enhancements

The living room of the driver

In the double cab you feel like you´re on top of a lighthouse, that´s how good the visibility is. The rear compartment is monitored with a camera and a display. The Actimo Evolution super seat from Grammer allows so many individual adjustment nuances that take the strain off your back with waist support.

The new controls are also a pleasant highlight for the driver. They have been adjusted to provide the necessary robustness for tough construction site use and at the same time are more comfortable to reach. The living room is made perfect by the standard air conditioning.

Fully hydraulic quick coupler for 16 different working tools

Since the ATLAS road-rail excavators are mainly used for the repair of the more than 33.000 km of rail track of Deutsche Bahn AG, they are designed for this work also. This includes switch and track repairs, sleeper and rail replacement, construction and maintenance of signalling and contact wire systems, noise barriers, railway operating structures, etc. The work is mainly carried out with hydraulic attachments.

These include sleeper grabs, free-turning load hooks, hydraulic hammers, vibratory plates, pile-driving and drawing vibrators, as well as sleeper changers, tamping units and rail crackers. A total of 16 different attachments are used. For this purpose, a special, fully hydraulic quick-change system was developed in close cooperation between the producers and DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH in the form of OilQuick-Rail. It has four connections more than usual.

All in all, after five months of practical use, it can now be said that a very good step indeed has been taken in further development with the ATLAS 1604 ZW road-rail excavators.

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