Mindtech releases Application Pack to Train Smart City AIs
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Mindtech releases Application Pack to Train Smart City AIs

Mindtech releases Application Pack to Train Smart City AIs

Mindtech Global, developer of the world’s leading end-to-end synthetic data creation platform for training AI vision systems – has released a new application pack for companies developing Smart City solutions.

Mindtech’s Chameleon platform has been specifically designed to create synthetic training data to help computers see, understand and predict human-to-human and human-to-world interactions – essential for next-generation Smart City applications.

Real-world data is scarce, time consuming to annotate and brings with it complex challenges around data provenance. Chameleon’s ‘no-code’, ‘self-serve’ platform allows for the creation of high-quality, precisely annotated and privacy-compliant synthetic data – more than 50 times faster than sourcing and annotating ‘real-world’ data.

Using Chameleon, customers can quickly build unlimited scenes and scenarios using photo-realistic smart 3D models. The platform is modular with market application packs available including scenes, assets and sophisticated automated behaviours relevant to each market.

Mindtech releases Application Pack to Train Smart City AIs

Chameleon’s new Smart City pack is ideal for the rapid development of AI vision systems focused around pedestrian and cyclist safety, traffic management, public transport and crowd management. It also includes a range of common 3D environment models, a diverse choice of weather conditions, pedestrian crossings and a sophisticated traffic simulator.

The pack also leverages the Chameleon’s latest features including generators to create pseudo-random asset sequences at run-time for activities such as pedestrians queuing or cars entering a carpark, attractors to change the default behaviour of an asset and skeleton key points to allow for gesture and action analysis.

Steve Harris, CEO at Mindtech said: “Smarter Cities can the places we live and work safer, greener and more sustainable. But that will require intelligent vision systems, trained on large volumes of precisely-annotated, high quality and privacy-compliant data. Chameleon’s new Smart City application pack allows developers to solve data scarcity with self-serve synthetic data and rapidly address this growing market with innovative AI solutions that better understand the way humans interact with each other and the world around them.”

Mindtech releases Application Pack to Train Smart City AIs

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