Zoomlion announces 16 new electric machines

Zoomlion announces 16 new electric machines

Zoomlion announces 16 new electric machines

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. released 16 new energy products in eight major categories on November 26 at its Lugu Industrial Park in Changsha, China.

Zoomlion’s latest fleet of new energy products not only includes the widely-acclaimed world’s first fully-electric truck crane, ZTC250N-EV, but also the grand debut of several other world records – the world’s first fully-electric pump truck, the world’s first 60-meter hybrid pump truck, and the world’s largest 118-ton, off-road, fully-electric, wide-body dump truck, ZT118EV. The 16 products cover eight of Zoomlion’s major product categories including crane, pump truck, mixing truck, aerial work platform (AWP), emergency equipment, excavator, mining equipment and heavy-duty chassis, with the new energy combination of pure electric, hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid power.

The company’s new energy equipment has significant advantages in energy and emissions savings coupled with high performance. For example, the ZTC250N-EV 25-ton truck crane launched in 2020 has a maximum speed of 90km/h, a claimed range of more than 200kms and maximum gradeability of 50 percent, while the cost of overall energy consumption reduced to just 35 percent of diesel models in the same class, with zero emissions at the point of use.

Zoomlion’s advanced applications of new energy technologies have been widely recognized by the market. In April 2019, Zoomlion took the lead to release new energy AWP products powered by lithium batteries and achieved mass production. Subsequently, the company launched over 20 new energy products that are widely sold in multiple markets. On November 26, the world’s first fully electric 40-meter straight arm AWP, ZT40JE-V, also rolled off Zoomlion’s assembly line. Currently, Zoomlion’s new energy AWP products have accounted for 60 percent of AWP revenue.

“Zoomlion has proposed a green development strategy to achieve the ‘greenization’ of our products’ entire life cycle with minimal environmental impact and harm to human health and society, while ensuring the highest resource utilization rate and realizing harmonious and sustainable development by working hand-in-hand with our customers to ultimately create added value for society and the environment,” said Fu Ling, chief engineer and vice president of Zoomlion.

Today, Zoomlion has established a comprehensive green development strategy integrating green design, green manufacturing and green management, pushing the heavy machinery industry towards emissions reduction and sustainability.

Zoomlion announces 16 new electric machines

Post source : Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd

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