Altium releases update to Altium Designer 22
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Altium releases update to Altium Designer 22

Altium releases update to Altium Designer 22

At AltiumLive 2022 CONNECT, Altium announced the release of Altium Designer 22, which includes added features to help designers source component availability, enhanced capabilities that reduce manual design tasks, along with advanced real-time lifecycle management tools used in conjunction with Altium 365.

Altium Designer customers who have active subscriptions can take advantage of all the features and upgrades included in the new Altium Designer 22 release, including:

  • Parts Insight Experience, which proactively provides supply chain intelligence directly within the design experience
  • Advanced board design capabilities that allow designers to easily create complex designs and quickly prepare them for fabrication
  • Enhanced SPICE simulation tools enabled with Monte Carlo analysis to measure circuit quality with ease
  • Real-time lifecycle management with Altium 365 that enables you to work from anywhere and with anyone

Alitum’s new Part Insights Experience delivers real-time supply chain intelligence directly in the design environment so that information about component specs, lifecycle, and availability is always there, always right, and always on. Robust supply information, fuelled by powerful BOM tools and integrations from Octopart and IHS Markit databases, aggregates data from over 300 distributors and over 1 billion parts, providing engineers access to the best available components and avoiding designs with unavailable or obsolete parts.

This new experience ensures engineers are working with a healthy BOM throughout their design process by delivering production risk-alerts so that engineers can quickly identify risks across projects that use supply constrained or end-of-life components. As an added benefit, Part Insights Experience also suggests alternative parts so that engineers can be confident that they are working with available parts throughout their design experience.

“Altium is dedicated to delivering a high-performance, unified, and elegant design experience to all engineers,” says Lawrence Romine, Vice President of Global Marketing. “Altium Designer 22 and Altium 365 work together to streamline the design process and ensure our engineers have the supply chain intelligence to complete their work in a single design environment.”

Engineers can easily create complex designs and quickly prepare them for fabrication using Altium Designer 22’s advanced design capabilities, including:

  • PCB technology awareness modelling to optimize designs for the most complex boards
  • Enhanced intelligent routing to reduce manual routing time
  • Improved solder paste specifications to help avoid fabrication bottlenecks
  • Circuit sensitivity analysis to understand circuit output characteristics

The new release also coincides with the launch of Altimade, a new Altium 365 application all Altium Designer customers have access to, that significantly streamlines the printed circuit board design-to-manufacturing workflow. The electronics industry’s first “design with manufacturing” application, Altimade enables customers to request an instant quote and place an order to produce their PCB assembly without ever leaving their design environment.

Altium 365 allows engineers to collaborate with anyone from anywhere. PCB Designers and engineers can share designs, review design comments and changes, and identify risks with partners and stakeholders without purchasing extra licenses.

These product releases continue Altium’s commitment to break the barriers between design, supply chain, and manufacturing by bringing these elements into a modern, unified, cloud-enabled design environment.

Altium releases update to Altium Designer 22

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