CAPTURE 3D adds GOM Suite 2021 Metrology enhancements
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CAPTURE 3D adds GOM Suite 2021 Metrology enhancements

CAPTURE 3D adds GOM Suite 2021 Metrology enhancements

CAPTURE 3D, the leading provider of innovative 3D measurement solutions and the official U.S. partner for GOM GmbH, a ZEISS company, today announced GOM Suite 2021, containing new additions and updates to its ecosystem of 3D metrology modules. In addition to consolidating GOM’s software solutions into an ecosystem of easily accessible applications, GOM Suite 2021 provides direct access to all GOM Software variants and services, such as 3D digitizing and inspection training courses and the user community forum.

Updates to the software expand its selection of specialized 3D measurement workflows and enable faster and more efficient 3D inspection capabilities for users at all levels. Through software enhancements like this, CAPTURE 3D is addressing digital transformation needs in modern manufacturing by providing a fast and reliable method of creating accurate digital twins and enabling insightful data visualization for increased collaboration, agility, and process improvement.

“This software expansion is paving the future of product development and manufacturing to create a modernized and efficient 3D measurement experience for even the most challenging applications,” said General Manager Richard White.

GOM Suite 2021 optimizes the processing and interpretation of data points collected during photogrammetry, 3D scanning, inspection, and CT, providing solutions to individual challenges present with critical applications across diverse industries. CAPTURE 3D’s line of GOM 3D scanners collect accurate surface data from an object in as fast as 0.2 seconds per scan to create a complete Digital Twin.

GOM’s software solutions process the resulting full-field 3D measurement data and provide functions to complete shape and dimensional analysis, 3D inspection, and mesh processing for 3D point clouds and CAD data sets in product development, quality control, and production.

Top upgrades to GOM’s latest software release include:

  • Workflow Assistant: An interactive guide for many scanning workflows that assists with problems and bundles relevant scanning features into one place.
  • GPU Acceleration: Enables utilization of the graphics card for 3D point computation to increase the speed of 3D data visualization without decreasing quality.
  • Camera tab improvements: The software now automatically adjusts camera elements such as spot metering and exposure for real-time user feedback to facilitate better scanning results.
  • Multi-Part Scanning: Scan multiple parts simultaneously, and the software will recognize each part individually during post-data processing.
  • New CAD Import and Organization Features: CAD importation is now customizable with filters that provide options to select specific required geometries for assemblies, PMI data and other specifications.
  • ISO Label Improvements: ISO stylized labels are now controllable and interactive to customize 3D visualizations and display dimensional results clearly.
  • GOM Blade Inspect: A dedicated workspace containing a collection of specialized software tools for efficiently analysing 3D mesh data for airfoil and turbine blade applications.

Each year, GOM updates its software solutions, making changes to better support its customers’ productivity while also saving them time and money. GOM uses real customer feedback to help shape these improvements and create an optimal user experience in every detail, from the modernized and easy-to-use interface design to intuitive workflows and automated processes.

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