GAUSSIN announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Automated Port Vehicles
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GAUSSIN announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Automated Port Vehicles

GAUSSIN announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Automated Port Vehicles

GAUSSIN, a pioneer in the clean and intelligent transport of goods and people, announces the launch of the world’s first hydrogen-powered fuel cell Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV H2) for seaports.

These new vehicles complement GAUSSIN’s range of hydrogen-powered vehicles following the release of the hydrogen-powered fuel cell ATM and APM. The AGV can be autonomously driven in infra-structureless and mixed traffic environment.

It will help port operators switch to zero-emission immediately and provide longer operating hours, shorter and less frequent refuelling, as well as quiet and efficient transportation.

GAUSSIN’s state-of-the-art, complementary solution for port operators

Ports traditionally rely on diesel-powered trucks and tractors operating in a cluster environment are involved in moving cargo to and from ships.

This contributes significantly to CO2 emissions. Many feasibility studies have shown that ports are ideal locations for hydrogen-powered transport trucks and container handling equipment as they are a natural place for hydrogen transportation, storage, and refuelling sites for various applications.

With hydrogen production costs dropping more than 50% since 2015, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles are now a viable solution for port operators to meet both the operation efficiency and green targets.

A new vehicle with strong performances

The H2 AGV shows strong and distinctive performance, which are detailed here:

  • Application: Containers
  • Payload: 65t
  • Maximum speed: 25 km/h
  • Drive line: 4×4
  • Front axle capacity: 50t
  • Rear axle capacity: 50t
  • Traction motor: 2*226kW permanent magnet
  • Fuel Cell: 45kW
  • H2 tank capacity: 20kg @350bar
  • Battery capacity: 60kwh
  • Autonomy with H2: 15 hours
  • Additional autonomy with Batteries: 3 hours

“Once again, we are expanding our range of hydrogen-powered fuel cell products to support the zero-emission drive in the port sector. We believe our H2 AGV will contribute significantly to the operation efficiency expected in this demanding environment,” said Christophe Gaussin, CEO of GAUSSIN.

GAUSSIN announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Automated Port Vehicles

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