Iteris adds customizable ClearData Traffic Management Feeds to Mobility Solutions
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Iteris adds customizable ClearData Traffic Management Feeds to Mobility Solutions

Iteris adds customizable ClearData Traffic Management Feeds to Mobility Solutions

Iteris, Inc., the world’s trusted technology ecosystem for smart mobility infrastructure management, announces the addition of customizable ClearData™ traffic management feeds adding to its extensive mobility solutions offerings.

Iteris’ ClearMobility® Cloud analytics engine produces ClearData, a validated proprietary service, that is produced by aggregating third-party mobility data that include incident, speed, construction and connected vehicle GPS probes. ClearData is delivered to public- and private-sector clients via subscription-based direct computer data feeds or application programming interfaces (APIs).

ClearData’s enhanced data feeds are extremely reliable, accurate and current, eliminating redundancies and other errors for best-in-class traffic pattern analysis, forecasting and planning.

Iteris’ ClearData offers exceptional data tracking with its combination of connected vehicle, commercial fleet and mobile GPS probes. It also provides extensive coverage and is available nationwide on all roadways, including freeways, major arterials and urban streets. Connected vehicle probes offer precise data and better reflect consumer vehicle movement.

Crucially, these data types are cross-referenced and curated to avoid erroneous road closure reporting through a combination of technology and experienced Iteris traffic analysts to resolve data conflicts other traffic software platforms typically miss.

“The unique combination of powerful software-driven event detection and conflict resolution overseen by human editors provides unparalleled mobility reporting, mapping and advisory information,” said Will Cousins, senior vice president and general manager of Applications and Cloud Solutions at Iteris. “We are thrilled to be able to provide ClearData to power public alerts that better reflect actual road closures. This is what makes ClearData unique. Yet the utility of ClearData is not limited to the public sector, and it can for example offer congestion monitoring for professional sports teams and live event organizers, real-time incident data to give broadcast traffic reports a competitive edge, proven and accurate travel time data to help fleet and logistics operators optimize routes and improve delivery time, or accurate traffic alerts to allow road construction firms to improve work zone safety.”

In addition to being delivered as direct computer data feeds or APIs, ClearData is also available through ClearGuide®, Iteris’ mobility intelligence solution, and adds powerful new transportation data that expand the software’s capabilities to provide unparalleled levels of real-time and historical visualizations that help users make informed operational traffic management decisions.

ClearData is a key component of Iteris’ ClearMobility Platform – the world’s most complete solution to continuously monitor, visualize and optimize mobility infrastructure. ClearMobility applies cloud computing, artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, advisory services and managed services to help ensure roads are safe, travel is efficient, and communities thrive.

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