Evolution Wheel introduces the EWRS-HS Hard Surface Skid Steer Tire
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Evolution Wheel introduces the EWRS-HS Hard Surface Skid Steer Tire

Evolution Wheel introduces the EWRSHS Hard Surface Skid Steer Tire

The EWRSHS series solid skid steer tire is the hard surface version of the EWRSAT series allterrain tire. The solid EWRSHS skid steer tire is ideal for surfaces like concrete or asphalt making them perfect for new construction, paving, and recycling operations.

Evolution Wheel knows that these types of jobs require excellent traction and longevity. So, they set out to design a tire for these environments.

Evolution Wheel spends a lot of time in the research and development stage for their products. Rigorously testing them to make sure they produce the right tires for the job. To start, Evolution Wheel engineered the EWRSHS series for severe duty applications where tire wear is the biggest concern. To do this they redesigned the tread pattern to maximize surface area.

The EWRSHS doubled the surface area of the EWRSAT Series to 66% to spread the weight of the machine out. This lowers the pressure per square inch on the concrete while extending its wear life significantly. Additionally, the EWRSHS series has the deepest tread on the market, measuring at 52/32″. The deeper the tread, the more it can wear, increasing longevity as well. These two features allow the tire to last 35 times the lifespan of a traditional pneumatic tire.

Evolution Wheel introduces the EWRS-HS Hard Surface Skid Steer Tire

Solid tires have a bad reputation for being rough on machines and the operator driving them. Evolution Wheel wanted to reduce driver fatigue and make it easier for operators to perform their jobs while enjoying a smooth ride.

To combat this, Evolution Wheel designed the EWRSHS tire with specialized core geometry. Referring to the apertures within the rubber. The specialized core geometry in these tires allows them to compress like a pneumatic tire without the bounce. The tread design also allows the machine to skid smoothly so the operator can push the machine harder and increase productivity.

Like all Evolution Wheels tires, the EWRSHS is a segmented tire. This allows the operator to service the tire right on the job site with just a ¾” wrench, replacing the damaged segment within minutes.

Evolution Wheel has built a tire that is designed for skid steers operating on hard surfaces. Whether you are operating in mining, paving, or waste applications, these tires are for you.

Evolution Wheel introduces the EWRS-HS Hard Surface Skid Steer Tire

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