Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers discusses Xwatch Safety Solutions
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Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers discusses Xwatch Safety Solutions

Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers discusses Xwatch Safety Solutions

Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers has been working with Xwatch Safety Solutions just over two years ago and to date the company has installed more than 100 Xwatch systems.

The company became an authorised dealer for the Xwatch suite of safety systems in response to customer demand. Allan Hargreaves, MD of Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers commented “We were being asked specifically for the Xwatch height and slew restrictors and RCI’s (rated capacity indicators), so the decision to become an authorised dealer was customer-driven.  The systems are very reliable and operator familiarisation of the control features is straightforward and uncomplicated, which is particularly important for a hire fleet.”

The company has installed systems across the Xwatch range from the basic XW1, which manages and protects your working height, the XW2 which monitors both height, radius and workload.  The XW3, which is a dedicated slew control system designed to restrict the machine to working within set left and right slew parameters, the XW4 which monitors a machines height and slew movement and the XW5, which offers a total safe working envelope around the machine and operator enabling the control of the machine’s height, slew and rated capacity indication.

Allan, continued: “We fit the systems to Komatsu, Hitachi, and JCB machines, mostly 14tonne and above, although we have fitted a number of systems to some smaller eight-tonne machines.  We have also installed XW4 systems on Hyundai long-reach demolition machines. Again these installs were customer-driven. Our biggest customers include Waitings and Bullen Plant Hire in Lancashire.”

“The feedback we have had from customers has been the best we have ever had about an aftermarket safety product. It’s more reliable than competing brands and performs better and the product support meets our needs as a company.

The most popular systems are the XW4 and XW5.  We have just secured an order from Flannery Plant Hire for 10 XW5’s which will be installed on Komatsu machines. We also provide field support for Flannery and are able to respond to field service, which has helped us secure the current order.” Concluded Allan.

Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers Service Manager, Dean Hargreaves is also very positive about the Xwatch product, he said: “The systems have proven to reliable and we have had very positive feedback.  A simple-to-use system is welcome to the market and overall we are extremely happy.  If the clients are happy – then we are too!”

Jemma Dycer-Hopkins, Xwatch UK Business Development Manager, commented on the partnership: “We have a very good working partnership with Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers. Safety is a priority, but also productivity is essential, alongside aftermarket support and care. We are delighted we are able to meet these requirements. Also, meet Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineer’s customer needs in providing reliable and user-friendly safety systems.”

Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers are celebrating 40-years in business in 2023 and have been installing RCi’s and safety systems for the past 22-years since the first systems were introduced to the market.

Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers will be exhibiting at Rail Live, Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre from 22nd -23rd June 2023 on stand number F5.  Xwatch will also be exhibiting at Rail Live sharing the Fitzgerald Plant Rail & Construction Equipment Services on stand E27.

Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers discusses Xwatch Safety Solutions

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