Lightning eMotors launches Lightning Insights Telematics and Charger Software
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Lightning eMotors launches Lightning Insights Telematics and Charger Software

Lightning eMotors launches Lightning Insights Telematics and Charger Software

Lightning eMotors, a leading provider of medium-duty and specialty commercial electric vehicles and charging solutions for fleets, announced today the launch of Lightning Insights™, a significant extension of its state-of-the-art telematics system built for monitoring and managing Lightning fleet assets in real-time.

Lightning’s original telematics solution, created 10 years ago, was already a market-leading platform offering an array of data collection and analysis capability that was unmatched in the industry.

The new system, which monitors up to 156 data points including vehicle location, state of charge, energy usage, efficiency, lifetime metrics with total driving hours, energy usage, vehicle health and many other important vehicle metrics, is integrated into every new Lightning eMotors vehicle.

Additionally, Lightning Insights provides complete control over Lightning’s fleet charging solutions including charger access, charge time scheduling, load management, payment methods and more.

“We’re excited to bring this next generation product to our line-up of all-electric, zero-emission vans, trucks and buses, and to further inform our customers on route optimization, driver behavior and other metrics that boost vehicle uptime and longevity,” Lighting eMotors CRO Kash Sethi said. “Lightning’s original analytics solution has served our customers well over the years, but Insights will allow operators to dive much deeper into electric vehicle-specific health and driver behaviour than most commercial telematics solutions on the market today.”

In addition to a user-friendly portal, Lightning Insights customers can leverage the available API to enable seamless integration of Lightning vehicle data with other third-party telematics or charging management systems. This capability offers versatility for fleet operators that already utilize other providers and don’t want an additional portal to log into. Every vehicle equipped with Lightning Insights connects to Lightning’s data servers over an encrypted 4G connection, not only allowing Lightning to monitor all aspects of the vehicles’ health, but also providing real-time analytics viewable by customers.

“Lightning Insights offers a very user-friendly customer portal and upcoming mobile app for monitoring and reporting dozens of real-time analytics from a customizable dashboard of easy-to-digest graphs, charts and slides,” said Brandon McNeil, vice president of energy and insights at Lightning eMotors. “Whether managing one vehicle, a fleet of hundreds, or a combined vehicle and charger deployment, our new telematics system is designed to simplify fleet operations with the click of a button.”

Lightning Insights is available for both existing and new Lightning eMotors vehicles through a subscription-based model. Existing customers who already use Lightning Telematics will be upgraded to Lightning Insights for the same monthly cost per vehicle.

Existing customers who currently do not use Lightning Telematics can try out Lighting Insights via a free three-month trial by contacting a Lighting eMotors customer service representative at

Lightning eMotors launches Lightning Insights Telematics and Charger Software

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