AEye debuting Adaptive-LiDAR Intelligent Transportation solutions at ITS World Congress

AEye debuting Adaptive-LiDAR Intelligent Transportation solutions at ITS World Congress

AEye debuting Adaptive-LiDAR Intelligent Transportation solutions at ITS World Congress

AEye, Inc., a global leader in adaptive, high-performance lidar solutions, will showcase how the versatility of its lidar can be used to deliver optimized solutions across the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market at ITS World Congress 2022, taking place in Los Angeles from September 18 to 22, 2022.

AEye’s lidar solves the major technological limitations traffic agencies face today with improving traffic flow and increasing road safety. It does this by providing the most relevant data to maximize detection reliability, enabling authorities to respond faster, reduce cost of operations, predict conditions, and be more preventive with safety measures. By eliminating irrelevant data capture, AEye provides traffic agencies the speed and accuracy needed from a remote sensing solution, and does so in all weather, lighting, and environmental conditions.

AEye offers the industry’s only adaptive, solid-state, and software-definable lidar – 4Sight™ – which allows for multiple applications and both long-and-short-range detection using only one sensor. The 4Sight platform allows for more accurate, timely, and reliable vision as compared to camera or radar-only systems, and extends detection to over 350 meters to better locate, identify, and track moving objects.

The 4Sight perception solution for ITS has the ability to adapt to any situation and requirement within any ITS application, including automated tolling, smart intersections, traffic monitoring, highway incident detection, and more. Users can customize detection capabilities and performance modes according to the use case.

During ITS World Congress, AEye will offer multiple ways for customers and media to learn more about its ground-breaking technology at Stand #1403:

  • Application Demos: Witness AEye’s long-range and short-range detection capabilities for automated tolling, incident detection, pedestrian safety, and smart intersections, powered by 4Sight.
  • Executive Discussions: Meet executives and discuss the unrivalled flexibility of adaptive lidar to support any ITS application and improved 3D perception.
  • Integrator Partner News: Be the first to learn of new partnerships with leading ITS integrators focused on the future of transportation.

“We’re excited to share a wealth of information with attendees at this year’s ITS World Congress, especially how adaptive lidar delivers a level of safety, accuracy, and cost-savings not achieved before. Traffic and ITS managers who meet with us will be better prepared to plan ITS initiatives, as well as to respond to grant opportunities like the SMART program, which leverages advanced smart community technologies and systems to improve transportation and efficiency,” said Brent Blanchard, AEye’s GM of Industrial Markets.

AEye is the first and only lidar company to validate its sensor’s performance and reliability through a leading third-party testing service and recently passed the milestone of more than 100 patents filed globally, spanning four continents and more than 10 countries.

In addition, in 2021, AEye became a publicly traded company listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, doubled in size, and opened offices in Korea and Japan. In April 2022, AEye opened an office in Munich to support European customers in the automotive, mobility, trucking, logistics, and smart infrastructure sectors.

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