Linarc launches cloud-based Construction Project Management Software
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Linarc launches cloud-based Construction Project Management Software

Linarc launches cloud-based Construction Project Management Software

Linarc, Inc., the fastest growing collaborative project management platform in the construction industry, has launched a better way to deliver construction projects. Linarc solves the daily challenges that owners, design teams, and contractors confront while driving projects to completion.

“I built Linarc to eliminate the inefficiencies that plague the construction industry. Linarc uses technology, integrated connectivity, intelligent data analysis, and real-time updates to give everyone the tools, resources, and information they need to perform at their best. As a result, projects run smoother; progress moves faster, and projects are completed on time and on budget,” said Shanthi Rajan, Linarc CEO and Founder.

Linarc is an All-In-One project management solution that eliminates the need for multiple systems. Linarc has built-in features that provide everything you need to manage construction projects successfully in a single, intuitive, easy-to-use platform. In addition, Linarc is an open API and integrates easily with standard project management solutions, ERPs, and other software for seamless accounting and transparency.

The Work Breakdown Structure is at the heart of every project schedule. Linarc’s unique collaborative scheduling feature harnesses the power of technology and predictive analytics to allocate resources to individual tasks in the WBS hierarchy to eliminate delays and ensure on-time completion.

Linarc links work crews, materials, and equipment to the schedule of values and updates progress in real-time so you can stay on track and on budget:

  • Project owners have clear insights into work progress and budget expenditures.
  • Design teams are connected to project execution for quick reference and problem-solving.
  • CFOs and procurement specialists have control of project financials. Real-time updates and predictive analytics provide complete transparency to stay on budget.
  • Management teams get detailed reports and quick reference dashboards to keep them informed and on target.
  • Supervisors and forepersons control work assignments and material deliveries for seamless workflows and sustainable progress.
  • Field crews receive detailed work assignments with documents, photos, and visual cues to keep them safe, productive, and on task.

Linarc eliminates communication silos across your entire project portfolio, and the system’s intelligent analysis gives company leaders the leverage of combined resources across all their projects.

These company-wide insights eliminate idle time and increase business efficiency.

Linarc launches cloud-based Construction Project Management Software

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