TIP acquires ten ATLAS loader cranes
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TIP acquires ten ATLAS loader cranes

TIP acquires ten ATLAS loader cranes

Ten 170.2 V ATLAS loader cranes have been acquired for the TIP fleet with 10.8 m boom length for handling building materials – in addition to standard trailers and motor vehicles, TIP rents out more and more customer-specific industry vehicles. The clamshell has a precise and strong grip on the box pallet and transports it swiftly to the desired storage space.

The ATLAS loader crane 170.2 V is at work. The V crane with two extensions is part of the medium loader crane range of ATLAS GmbH. With an extended boom of 10.8 m it is still well able to lift and move 1.5 t. The operating pressure of the hydraulic system is at 270 bar. In practice, this implies a quick working speed. The 170.2 V has the power to lift and move up to 3.0 t.

This is possible due to the very solid ATLAS design and the use of high-quality steel for the construction of the ATLAS cranes. During the work assignment, this is can be seen in its minimal deflection. The hinges and joints as well as the hydraulic hoses are designed to withstand heavy loads. The result of all this is that the loader crane 170.2 V works constantly quickly and economically.

TIP acquires ten ATLAS loader cranes

Save grip and operation

All this is done from a save position. The ATLAS typical square tube support offer excellent stability. They are extended hydraulically to the desired width. Depending on the need and the situation, this can be a different width on each side. The safety drop hook for locking the support arm is easy to handle and therefore operator friendly. The load safety valves and the hydraulic pipes that are tubed or rather built into the boom offer additional security.

The central lubrication system makes is easy for the driver and provides periodic lubrication of the appropriate elements. This is a central aspect regarding the maintenance and protection of the loader crane. The oil cooler with thermal switch enables the crane to work steadily over long periods of time and this during the most challenging assignments. Including the oil filling, the ATLAS 170.2 V weighs 2,610 kg. It is 2.48 m wide and 2.33 m high.

The operating pressure is 270 bar, the oil flow is 45 l/min and the torque range is 25.6 kNm. The swivel range extends up to 410°.

Component parts – a broad variety

Here at TIP the loader crane is mounted on a three-axle MAN lorry and equipped with a heavy duty grab for picking up pave stones with rotator. This is the appropriate tool for delivering building materials.

The broad range of attachments that ATLAS has to offer – such as crane grabs, turnable forks, many different buckets, soil augers, rotary motors etc. – make the loader crane a versatile tool usable in many different settings.

TIP acquires ten ATLAS loader cranes

Manufacturer independent leasing

TIP is an integrated equipment service provider for the transport and logistics sector and leases independent of specific manufacturers. With their wide selection, they provide all services that a customer will require during the whole life cycle of its machine: from acquisition to maintenance and repair to the resale of used parts.

With 90.000 vehicles of varying designs in Europe, TIP is one of the biggest in this industry. More than 120 locations in 18 European countries and Canada as well as numerous service partners offer their customers a close network of branches and workshops. The ATLAS dealer ATLAS Nordhessen, in cooperation with its factory in Delmenhorst, delivered the loader cranes and services them.

Security as a high priority

ATLAS loader cranes are equipped with a system of safety facilities, one of which is the ACM (Atlas Crane Management). It is the reliable central element for controlling the ATLAS loader cranes. This allows the driver to concentrate fully on the work at hand while the ACM monitors the safety of the operation.

The entire control of the system takes place in real time to enable an operation without obstruction. Key measures are overload protection, emergency shutdown and other safety-relevant devices.

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