CECE focusing on Telematics, Electrification and Expansion

CECE focusing on Telematics, Electrification and Expansion

CECE focusing on Telematics, Electrification and Expansion

CECE’s new market intelligence tool, the Uptime Tracker, was one of the key topics presented at today’s CECE press conference at bauma 2022 in Munich.

Telematics data has become a key factor for OEMs in analysing construction activity and performance – most of all in times of crisis when sales are slowing down. Gathering telematics data on an industry-wide level is a good indicator of machine utilisation, which helps to anticipate future market developments.

Speaking at the Press Conference, CECE Secretary General Riccardo Viaggi said: “Our Uptime Tracker now includes 400,000 pieces of earth-moving machinery on the European market that is monitored every month. By pulling their telematics data together within CECE, the participating OEMs get the monthly Uptime Tracker with industry-wide utilisation rates in anonymous and aggregated format”.

With regards to competition law, the critical mass of participating OEMs and the size of the connected fleet constitute a guarantee that no individual company data can be derived from the data output. The same argument goes for data protection and privacy. “I am convinced that the new CECE Uptime Tracker closes a gap in the market intelligence services we provide our member companies, and we are proud to be the first to establish such a project at the industry association level”, further explained Riccardo Viaggi.

Zero emissions with electrification

A new CECE project team on electrification of construction equipment has been established with more than 30 members, all of them being major OEMs. Considering the increasing use of electrification in the construction equipment sector, this new project team will identify gaps and needs on legislation and standards applicable to electric drives for construction machinery. This will include the energy supply on jobsites and the related systems.

Speaking at the press conference, Alexandre Marchetta, CECE President and Mecalac CEO said: “CECE members seek solutions and agreements towards common industry practices. We want to create technical and regulatory awareness on the road to zero emissions on the basis of the policy work that our team has been doing in Brussels on the implementation of the decarbonisation goal that Europe set itself. We are glad to be leading this conversation”.

CECE expands membership

The Committee for European Construction Equipment also announced the incorporation of three new member organisations for the first time in many years. With MGF, the machinery importers’ association from Norway, Soima – the tower cranes manufacturer from Portugal and Trackunit – the data telematics company from Denmark, CECE now extends to new countries and new areas of the CE industry.

“We clearly put our focus on recruiting more members and furthering our reach into our industry”, emphasized Viaggi. “By incorporating new types of member organisations, we want to be recognised as the representative institution of the whole European construction equipment industry, in order to lead on the systemic transitions that our sector is going through”.

CECE Congress in January 2023 promotes diversity in construction

The upcoming CECE Congress in Chamonix from 19-20 January concentrates on a changing society that also has an impact on the world of construction. This time, the Congress will focus on the topics of diversity in construction, attractiveness of the sector to new generations and the general perception of the construction equipment industry.

“We invited high-level speakers who will inspire the attendees and open their eyes towards the changing business world with new intercultural relations and exchanges”, highlighted Alexandre Marchetta, CECE President and Mecalac CEO “We must no longer ignore the fact that we need to make the construction industry more attractive to women and young adults, in order to meet the shortage of skilled workers.”

Alexandre invited all participants to register to the conference at cece.eu/congress.

Post source : Committee for European Construction Equipment

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