Concrete Roads 2023 now open for Registration

Concrete Roads 2023 now open for Registration

Concrete Roads 2023 now open for Registration

Next year, on June 25–28, Krakow will host the 14th edition of the international event devoted to concrete roads. Held every four years (last time in Berlin) the symposium brings together the best experts in this field from around the world.

The co-organizers of the conference: the European organization EUPAVE and the Polish Cement Association, have just opened registration of participants.

Concrete roads are an essential part of the response to the challenges of the future in terms of infrastructure. Environmental protection requires decisive action, including reduction of CO2 emissions not only during the construction phase, but also across the life cycle of the surface. In addition, the growing intensity of vehicle traffic, especially heavy goods traffic, increases the importance of surface durability. The current challenges are reflected in the Concrete Roads 2023 program.

The main motto of the 14th edition of the symposium is “Concrete Roads to the Green World”. This is reflected in the event’s agenda, which – in addition to customary technical topics such as design, materials, construction and applications – places emphasis is on sustainability matters, including the European Green Deal and circular construction, as well as the economic and social aspects of concrete roads.

Over 100 abstracts from all over the world were submitted in the enrolment process. They cover many interesting topics relating to e.g. innovative concrete roads addressing such issues as big data, BIM, ITS, sensors and power generation from the road – smart roads, or the more traditional matters connected with construction and maintenance of various concrete pavements.

“It was with great pleasure that EUPAVE accepted the Polish candidature for the organisation of the 14th International Symposium on Concrete Roads. One of the reasons for this is the enormous development of the motorway network in Poland, in which concrete plays an important role. In no other European country are so many concrete roads being built as in Poland. Also in the field of local roads and agricultural roads, the Polish cement and concrete industry has for many years successfully promoted the technical advantages and sustainability aspects of concrete pavements, up to the level of local authorities. Poland can be seen as an example for other countries in Europe and the whole world.” says Luc Rens, Managing Director of EUPAVE, Chairman of the Concrete Roads 2023 International Technical Programme Committee.

In addition to the Polish Cement Association, Concrete Roads 2023 is organized by EUPAVE (European Concrete Paving Association). The event partners also include PIARC World Road Association, International Society for Concrete Pavements, and the Polish Road Congress. The registration for the event has opened and is now available at early bird rates. More details about the event and the registration form can be found at

Concrete Roads 2023 now open for Registration

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