Catchup with Elematic Feel the Pulse Around the World livestreams
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Catchup with Elematic Feel the Pulse Around the World livestreams

Catchup with Elematic Feel the Pulse Around the World livestreams

Elematic’s Feel the Pulse Around the World livestreams that were originally broadcast during bauma 2022 have now been made available for online catchup until the end of this year.

Comprising four separate videos ranging from approximately 30 to 60 minutes in duration, the sessions combine international customer case studies with informative insights into the latest precast technology and its role in supporting sustainable construction practices, while enhancing customers’ efficiency and profitability.

Catchup with Elematic Feel the Pulse Around the World livestreams

The future of concrete in construction

Several thought-provoking interviews and panel discussions – perhaps most notably in the Precast Building Technology video – predict an exciting future for the sector. Elematic CEO Mats Jungar, for instance, talks about its potential to reduce emissions and steel use, the importance of digitalization, and how labour shortages will drive demand, before an expert panel discusses future raw materials pricing, how concrete might change in the future, and the cooling properties of precast solutions that are rarely exploited to the full.

The series also includes a look at what’s new in precast Wall construction – a process that is now faster and more precise than ever due to Elematic’s new shuttering robot, which Mats Jungar reveals is the first to have been developed in-house. This robot is a particularly good fit with the highly automated EDGE Double Wall system, which is also highlighted for its ability to eliminate production bottlenecks. Its compatibility with Plant Control Wall is also explained by Teemu Mattila, Elematic’s Head of Software Development & Deliveries.

Human flaws when making floors

Moving on to precast Floors, the challenges and opportunities for hollow core construction are discussed. However, with the promise of potential labor savings of 50-70% and the ability to eliminate mistakes caused by human error, automated hollow core plant owners have little cause for concern, reveals Jani Eilola, Product Director. In the section ‘new avenues in training and service,’ Leena Raukola, Customer Service Director, then discusses the latest offerings available to ensure customers enjoy maximum uptime and productivity from their equipment.

The final video covers a variety of topics, including the modular construction of Elematic’s production solution and a strong focus on digitalization. Jarkko Salmensivu, Director Software Unit, explains how it will minimize human error and simplify quality control, while an illuminating exchange with a Serbian contractor reveals how the use of software in hollow core slab calculations resulted in some incredible time savings on its Belgrade Waterfront project.

Catchup with Elematic Feel the Pulse Around the World livestreams

Watch the videos now

“We encourage everyone with an interest in sustainable, efficient construction to check out these recordings,” said Mats Jungar. “Bauma wasn’t just a great place for us to show off our latest technologies – it also provided a fantastic opportunity to talk about the future of the industry with a varied range of experts and customers, making these livestreams a vital resource for journalists, builders and PC producers alike.”

The recordings can be viewed here.

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