Velodyne Lidar announces beta launch of Vella Software Products
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Velodyne Lidar announces beta launch of Vella Software Products

Velodyne Lidar announces beta launch of Vella Software Products

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. today announced the beta launch of its Vella family of software products. Vella enables Velodyne’s customers to accelerate development of lidar-based vision solutions for autonomous applications.

Using the online platform Vella Portal, Velodyne’s sensor customers can easily access Vella’s software offerings, which include Vella Go for lidar sensor management, Vella Perception for application development and Vella Cloud Services for artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

“Velodyne’s customers use lidar to advance autonomy in a multitude of markets, from transportation to infrastructure, industrial, robotics and more,” said Dr. Ted Tewksbury, CEO, Velodyne Lidar. “Vella gives our customers the power to quickly get lidar development programs up and running, enabling them to build new AI-driven applications more efficiently. We are excited to see how Vella allows our customers to bring their solutions to market faster and more cost effectively to advance safety, efficiency and sustainability for businesses and our communities.”

Velodyne Lidar announces beta launch of Vella Software Products

Vella Portal

  • Easy and secure account management
  • One-stop access to all Vella software offerings
  • Customer support information and access

Vella Go

  • A free set of sensor management tools for out-of-the-box integration
  • Auto detection and configuration for all Velodyne sensors
  • Diagnostics stream and visualization of live point clouds
  • Firmware updates and lidar drivers
  • Vella Go Premium enhances the Vella Go experience with additional lidar calibration and point cloud stitching tools

Vella Perception

  • Streamlines perception implementation to easily build intelligent and autonomous applications
  • Enables 3D object detection
  • Obstacle and free-space detection and scene segmentation
  • Seamless integration and updates
  • Supports multiple operational domains and environments

Vella Cloud Services

  • Leverages Vella Perception’s unique capabilities in the cloud to enable scalable, fast and low-cost AI-based object detection and classification
  • Provides lidar data management and perception services
  • Visualizes uploaded, raw lidar datasets
  • Enables applications to improve system accuracy

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