Alstom Electric Train Solutions to include Actasys Thermal Management Devices

Alstom Electric Train Solutions to include Actasys Thermal Management Devices

Alstom Electric Train Solutions to include Actasys Thermal Management Devices

Actasys Inc., a leader in safeguarding sensor functionality in real-world applications, announced today they have entered into a development agreement with Alstom to implement their innovative, energy-efficient thermal management devices into Alstom train control and monitoring systems for functionality enhancement and oversight assurance.

Relevant systems include robust standard electronic modules and modern communications technologies that Alstom provides as scalable solutions to its customers.

Electric-powered technologies – like electric train solutions pioneered by Alstom – include components that heat up and need to be cooled in order to function properly and maximize lifespan. Actasys’s Total Thermal™ technology achieves breakthrough performance for sensitive electronics thanks to energy-efficient, digitized cooling devices with embedded health monitoring capabilities that detect and mitigate performance degradation. Combining diagnostic and predictive maintenance features in cooling devices reduces energy costs while improving maintenance outcomes.

Of the cooperation, Actasys CEO Miles Flamenbaum noted: “Joining forces with Alstom to protect the performance of their train control and monitoring system is a natural synergy for Actasys. Our thermal management devices resolve a critical need for the sensitive electric-powered technologies Alstom develops, which will play a significant role in the sustainable transportation and mobility strategies of the future.”

Emerging from work for NASA, Actasys Inc. uses Machine Learning algorithms to detect vision sensor function loss events and provide corrective measures, including perception restoration, prevention of overheating, and sensor health tracking. Tier 1s, OEMs, sensor developers and more are leveraging Actasys to optimize their design, operation, and maintenance processes today, and down the road. Actasys was founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

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