Hytera releases Security Communication Technologies White Paper
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Hytera releases Security Communication Technologies White Paper

Hytera releases Security Communication Technologies White Paper

Hytera Communications, a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, releases a new white paper – Harness Advanced Push-to-talk to Transform Physical Security Operations. In this white paper, Hytera lists the key trends of the physical security transformation and explains how convergent push-to-talk communications technology is relevant to the transformation.

Over the past two decades, the threat and risk landscape has continued to evolve in a myriad of ways, including natural disasters, pandemics, cyber-attacks, social media disinformation, data privacy infringement, etc. Meanwhile, the physical security industry has been facing overwhelming challenges due to a lack of using digital technologies.

The white paper lays out three key trends of the physical security transformation, including enterprise transformation, advancing security operation centers (SOC) with automation and intelligence, and the progression of video security technologies. To fulfil the unprecedented growth needs for an effective, adaptable, and extensive security posture for years, it’s time for security organizations to embrace new digital transformation technologies.

This white paper demystifies Hytera’s comprehensive security communication solution and the unified collaboration platform. It explains how security organizations can leverage advanced communication systems to promote digital transformation. Hytera shares several cases to demonstrate how the advanced communication solution, while reducing the operation cost, can support security organizations to protect customers and ensure the safety of their own staff by driving more efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of operation and management during daily operations and emergencies.

Hytera releases Security Communication Technologies White Paper

Read the full white paper here and learn why forward-looking security companies are embracing advanced push-to-talk technologies for digital transformation.

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