RISE Robotics wins US Patent for High Reduction Belt-Driven Linear Actuator
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RISE Robotics wins US Patent for High Reduction Belt-Driven Linear Actuator

RISE Robotics wins US Patent for High Reduction Belt-Driven Linear Actuator

RISE™Robotics, the Zero Emission Motion Control Company, announced today that it has been granted a key U.S. Patent for their technology, the High Reduction Belt-Driven Linear Actuator U.S. Patent 11,255,416.

“RISE™Robotics’ intellectual property protections are global. The extensive patent portfolio we are currently developing will build confidence among our OEM and Tier 1 collaborators that they will hold product differentiation well into the future,” said Arron Acosta, RISE™ CEO.

To date, RISE™Robotics holds dozens of pending, issued or granted patents worldwide. Additional pending U.S. and international patent applications are expected to protect other technology RISE™ has developed.

“RISE™Technology leverages a recent advancement in materials science: the modern steel reinforced polyurethane flat belt. These belts are capable of operating at pulley interface pressures in excess of 1,400 PSI for millions of bending cycles,” said RISE™Robotics Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Blake Sessions. “This new design paradigm contains analogous subsystems to perform all of the functions that a conventional hydraulic circuit performs today. We have constructed power transmission systems that are able to animate a machine’s work functions with very high efficiency and without the use of hydraulic oil.”

The patented RISE™Robotics three dimensional belt topology enables the application of high force linear power to a machine’s work function.

Advanced RISE™Technology is the intersection of hydraulic performance and linear actuator efficiency. RISE™Robotics’ first commercial product is a fluid-free, electromechanical alternative to hydraulic systems. It helps support the battery-electrification of industrial equipment by delivering hydraulic-system-or-better performance at levels of efficiency previously available via some linear actuators.

RISE™Technology delivers superior precision, speed, and weight and uses up to 90% less energy than hydraulic systems. RISE™Technology is a more cost effective, durable system compared to other electromechanical actuators and provides longer stroke and higher speed.

This extraordinary efficiency, combined with physical and functional reconfigurability that is tailored to the application, makes the electrification of heavy machinery practical.

Founded in 2011 by graduates of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), RISE™Robotics is a high-growth technology company backed by The Engine, a Tough Tech venture capital fund built by MIT, Greentown Labs, and Techstars.

RISE Robotics wins US Patent for High Reduction Belt-Driven Linear Actuator

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