Hyundai unveils new HD Hyundai CE branding

Hyundai unveils new HD Hyundai CE branding

Hyundai unveils new HD Hyundai CE branding

Hyundai Construction Equipment is introducing a new global brand name and corporate identity, building upon the company’s reputation as an innovative, high technology solution provider.

Unveiled at a shareholder meeting in March, the new HD Hyundai brand is accompanied by the ‘Forward Mark’, an updated vision of the company’s traditional triangular brand symbol.

Hyundai unveils new HD Hyundai CE branding

 HD Hyundai CE recognises ‘Human Dreams’ and ‘Human Dynamics’

  • Forward Mark symbolises moving forward to a greener, more sustainable future
  • HD Hyundai Construction Equipment will help customers across the world to build a more comfortable tomorrow

As Hyundai passes 50 years of global equipment and technology leadership, the brand is changing its name, to reflect a desire to bring together innovative thinking, environmental awareness and digital transformation.

The new HD Hyundai Construction Equipment brand clearly demonstrates the company’s move from simply providing customers with machinery, to delivering smart products and services, based on intelligent technology.

HD Hyundai has become a high technology solution provider, a brand that can compete with world-leading technology businesses, along with construction equipment companies.

Hyundai unveils new HD Hyundai CE branding

The ‘HD’ in the new name has two meanings

  • Human Dreams is Hyundai’s vision of a better future, through the use of innovation, integrated technologies and the rapid advances of digitalisation.
  • Human Dynamics allows the dream to become reality, by integrating industrial solutions, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

To symbolise the change and recognise the development that the company is making, HD Hyundai has a new logo, known as the Forward Mark. An evolution of the company’s triangle logo, the shape has been transformed into a forward-facing arrow, represented in a range of shades of green. This reflects the company’s forward vision and its emphasis on a greener, more sustainable future.

HD Hyundai’s aim is to help build the foundations for a more comfortable tomorrow, through the use of intelligent construction machinery. This starts with designing better equipment cabs, through human-centric details like an engine canopy that is angled to provide increased rearward visibility.

It is present in Hyundai Connect technology, that helps companies to create a more comfortable worksite for operatives. Then it integrates AI, to transform the world in which we live and create comfort in life.

Together, these three elements combine to create what the company calls Comfort Intelligence, which will, through the appliance of Hyundai construction equipment and technologies, contribute to building a better world for all.

Hyundai unveils new HD Hyundai CE branding

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