SimScale launches AI based Physics Simulation
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SimScale launches AI based Physics Simulation

SimScale launches AI based Physics Simulation

SimScale GmbH today announced the worlds’ first fully integrated and cloud-native A.I. based physics predictions coming to its simulation software. SimScale has partnered with the leading A.I. for accelerated engineering developer, NAVASTO to integrate their solutions into the SimScale platform which will enable engineers to design in real-time using side-by-side physics and A.I. generated analysis results.

SimScale will launch the new features in a live webinar on Oct 04 to preview its fully integrated A.I.-based physics simulations and how they will disrupt the engineering world. SimScale’s mission to bring simulation to every engineer now extends to A.I. tools which will sit right next to the physics solvers, giving designers easy access to both via a simple login from a web browser. Engineers will now be able to simulate their designs in real-time with instant results powered by the almost unlimited computing power of the cloud and augmented with industry-leading team collaboration features.

Engineers, analysts and designers can join the launch event which includes:

  • A preview of the new A.I.-based prediction tools
  • How the A.I. solution from NAVASTO is applied to engineering problems
  • How the A.I. models learn from historic simulation data from your simulations or from thousands of publicly simulated models
  • A product outlook of new features and use cases
  • How engineering teams can easily get started with integrating A.I. into their workflows

SimScale is a cloud-native engineering simulation software used globally including in the automotive, manufacturing, medical, turbomachinery, buildings and electronics industries. SimScale is inviting engineering firms to participate in the launch event and discuss simulation solutions in the live Q&A session.

SimScale launches AI based Physics Simulation

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