Sony and Gremsy delivering all-in-one premium Drone Imaging Solutions
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Sony and Gremsy delivering all-in-one premium Drone Imaging Solutions

Sony and Gremsy delivering all-in-one premium Drone Imaging Solutions

As the drone market keeps expanding, Sony and Gremsy announced today the latest addition to their line up aimed at creating all-in-one solutions for drone users and manufacturers.

The Pixy LR S-Port gimbal, developed for a plug and play integration with Sony’s dedicated drone camera, the ILX-LR1, will bring agility, reliability and lightness to any drone payload to further optimize drone operation in terms of flight time versus data capture and data availability for processing.

“We’ve seen a growing need for high-quality imaging from drone users, as the need for hi-res pictures in mapping, inspection and surveying grows, and that’s why we developed the ILX-LR1 camera, bringing the Sony imaging technology to the market in a light form factor and dedicated features.

“Gremsy are one the most established gimbal manufacturers in the market, and we’ve been working in close collaboration for the past two years to develop and package together an all-in-one solution for drones, starting with Alpha Cameras and now for the LR1,” says Michael Pisch, Senior Manager Business Development EMEA, Sony Europe B.V.

Sony and Gremsy delivering all-in-one premium Drone Imaging Solutions

“This collaboration demonstrates Gremsy and Sony’s commitment to enhancing user experiences through seamlessly integrated, lightweight, and compact designs. With dedicated gimbals that allow the ILX-LR1 camera to maximize its capabilities, we intend to equip professionals with reliable systems for inspections, mapping, and data collection across diverse drone platforms and scenarios. In addition to our three existing products, we will continue to fulfil the users’ needs through additional research, development, and integration of new products that are compatible with the Sony ILX-LR1,” says Rosy Nguyen, Gremsy’s Marketing Manager.

For the Sony ILX-LR1 camera, Gremsy has already developed a gimbal, the PIXY LR (Standard version) with full customization capabilities specialized for professional drone makers and a Pixy LR S-Port, designed for users who want a plug-and-play solution that facilitates the payload-swift process. This July 7, Gremsy released a gimbal called PIXY MR, integrating LR1 camera with DJI M300/M350 drone platforms. All Gremsy’s gimbals aim to maximize the ILX-LR1 functionality in industrial applications by enhancing the overall performance and data processing capabilities.

Sony and Gremsy delivering all-in-one premium Drone Imaging Solutions

The Sony ILX-LR1 is built around a back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS imaging sensor and Sony’s exclusive BIONZ XR processors, which can deliver images continuously at up to three frames per second for an extended period and 8 frames per second in burst if required. This makes the body ideal for aerial mapping, inspection and surveying missions which require high precision with high resolution, and high flexibility of lens choice. What’s more, it is compatible with Sony’s SDK, for the remote controlling of different features.

The camera body is 74 x 100 x 42.5mm in size and 243g, with screw mounts front, back, side, top, and bottom for fitting to different frames (as well as a standard UNC 1/4in tripod mount for ground operation or presetting in the lab).

Pixy-LR and Pixy LR S-Port serve a wide range of audiences in Sony LR1 camera-gimbal ecosystem from drone professionals to end-users. The Pixy-LR S-Port is optimized for plug & play operation in the field. Its hot swap system allows swift payload changes according to requirements. The onboard AirPixel Entire module creates an easy communication link to the drone platform via MavLink and enhances geotagging during flight. The Sony SDK is already embedded in the Gremsy SDK to control camera features.

Sony and Gremsy delivering all-in-one premium Drone Imaging Solutions

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