Roadbounce App measures road roughness and driving comfort – on the go!

Roadbounce App measures road roughness and driving comfort – on the go!

Roadbounce App measures road roughness and driving comfort – on the go!

Road roughness and unevenness play an important role in the quality of driving experience, vehicle fuel consumption, and is a major indicator of problems in the roadway that have developed or are about to develop.

To provide an effective system to measure road quality, Definitics Software Solutions based in India has developed a Smartphone based app called RoadBounce.

The App uses the phones built-in accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to measure the ride quality and thereby estimate the road roughness and variability. This data is stored in real-time with GPS location data. The vehicle speed, body frame, suspension type and the position of the phone in the vehicle are taken into account by the app to generate accurate and consistent readings.

RoadBounce App
RoadBounce App Screens

Current methods of measuring road roughness use specialist vehicles with laser scanners or ground radar systems for precise analysis. While highly accurate this is an expensive and time consuming process. Roadbounce would be able to produce real-time data efficiently that transport authorities can use to plan investigations, plan maintenance of their road inventory, and prevent roads from deteriorating.

RoadBounce records data using maps to International Roughness Index (IRI) standards, Indian Road Congress (IRC) standards, and is a Class-III Response Type Road Roughness Measuring System (RTRRMS) as per classification by World Bank International Road Roughness Experiments study, Brazil, 1982.

Roadbounce App
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RoadBounce Development & Beta Testing

Definitics Software Solutions started beta testing RoadBounce in June 2016 and the development team was continuously in touch with government, private road construction and maintenance authorities to understand the requirement in depth and to make the product a practical, effective and viable solution.

RoadBounce in Use

RoadBounce is now proudly working with the State Level Public Works Department in India for the measurement of road roughness index for more than 90,000 Km or highway. This project will take around 3 months including scanning, reporting and real-time sync with the Road Information System (RIS) of the Indian Government.

RoadBounce Social

To help crowd-source and socialize the monitoring of road infrastructure around the world, Definitics is launching a social version of the mobile app – RoadBounce Social. This collaborative approach would allow end-users to run the application and measure the ride quality to share on social sites which can feed back to local authorities. They also can view the previous rides shared by other people on the social sites.

RoadBounce for Rail Roads

For real-time measurement of railway performance the RoadBounce team are looking at their App as an effective tool to monitor changes in rail track effectiveness to identify maintenance issues and pin-point any dangerous developments.

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