World Road Congress set for 6 October 2019 in Abu Dhabi
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World Road Congress set for 6 October 2019 in Abu Dhabi

World Road Congress set for 6 October 2019 in Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates, steered by its nations’ capital, Abu Dhabi, has one of the most advanced and developed infrastructure in the region. A widespread sophistication of road network engineering encompasses urban and rural roads, airports, bridges and tunnels that connects each of the seven emirates and links major transportation hubs and population centres. This road network also links the UAE with its neighbour Oman and Saudi Arabia, facilitating trade with these nations.

In the past, congestion on the roads, hampered automotive movement that significantly slowed transport logistics, particularly in the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah. However, with a great many new surface transport infrastructure investment and newly created roadwork, traffic and congestion have begun to lighten with this expansion.

The UAE’s infrastructure investment existing as a priority for the future of Abu Dhabi as described in the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 is a key determinant of performance in the transport sector for the emirate and for the nation. This investment includes inland infrastructure such as road, rail, inland waterways, maritime ports and airports that are in line with the 2030 proclamations of building world-class public transport systems to ensure that residents have choices when it comes to getting around the main cities and channelling further investment to rural areas to provide better roads and access to airports.

This broad sweeping planning will incorporate The Capital Surface Transport Master Plan (CAPSTMP) which was commissioned to develop the conceptual transport strategy outlined in Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 into a detailed Master Plan and implementation programme for Abu Dhabi. This process is underpinned by sustainable development principles.

“Most of Abu Dhabi’s population is well served by the Emirate’s road network, which is being continually extended and upgraded to ensure that nowhere is without access to paved roads. Abu Dhabi will continue to improve its road network, ensuring that congestion is kept to a minimum and that expanding urban and industrial centres are easily accessible.” – Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.

This planning will be present within much of the discussion when Abu Dhabi host the 26th World Road Congress on the 6th to 10th of October 2019 hosted by the Department of Transport Abu Dhabi and The World Road Association (PIARC). The World Road Congress, over a century old legacy event is a quadrennial congress of plenary discussions, technical workshops featuring hundreds of exhibitors ranging from national pavilions and industry products, services and solutions. The Congress will welcome thousands of international and regional surface transport specialists to the Middle East for the first time for this important event.

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