5 innovative uses for Shipping Containers

5 innovative uses for Shipping Containers

5 innovative uses for Shipping Containers

You’ve probably come across the word ‘cargotecture’ and wondered what it means. Well, this is a branch of architecture where shipping containers are used as building materials.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, one of the factors that are becoming more prioritized is the protection of the environment. People have expressed this value by pushing for the use of more sustainable options. Shipping containers are quite difficult to dispose of, therefore, using them for construction purposes helps reduce the amount of waste. 

For many years, steel shipping containers have played a significant role in global trade. Due to their original design, size, and the durability of the material, they’re currently being reused as living spaces, shopping outlets, and so on. So, what are the most creative ways you can use your shipping container? Read on to learn more!

5 innovative uses for Shipping Containers

Living Spaces

Constructing a new home can be quite expensive given the rising cost of building materials. To offset these costs, many people have started using several containers as their main construction material. You can easily find a 20ft shipping container for sale online so it shouldn’t be a challenge acquiring one.

One advantage of such structures is the fact that shipping containers can be stacked on top of each other. As such, you can come up with a multi-story building depending on your preference. Of course, you’ll need to consult your contractor to see how many of these containers you can stack on each other without compromising the safety of your family.

Another benefit you’ll enjoy when you hire or buy shipping containers is their flexibility. Unlike traditional buildings, you can change the layout of your current building without having to bring everything down. You can easily make adjustments to the appearance of your structure and the interior design. That reduces the overall construction and maintenance costs even further.

5 innovative uses for Shipping Containers

Construction Of Workspaces

Are you planning to build or expand your current offices? Well, there are many ways to do so, but the use of steel containers is among the best. Many office structures are wooden, and that makes them less durable, especially under adverse conditions. However, by using shipping containers for workspaces, you’ll be investing in long-term construction solutions.

The best part is that this idea isn’t limited to a few workspaces. Ideally, you can design any form of work area, from workshops to modern offices. Apart from creating an additional room for your employees, you’ll also be able to expand your storage rooms to meet the consumers’ demands.

The fact that these containers come in perfect rectangular designs means you only need a few tweaks here and there. The walls and roofs are already in place. So, all you need is to convert the container to a comfortable environment by adding windows, doors, and adequate temperature regulation. At the end of the day, you’ll definitely spend less than if you use traditional construction materials. 

5 innovative uses for Shipping Containers

A ‘Growtainer’

This is another term that might seem new to some people but it’s one of the most popular uses of these huge steel boxes. A ‘growtainer,’ just as the name suggests, is the use of shipping containers to grow various crops. In other words, you’ll be converting the structure to an indoor farm equipped with all the necessary equipment like LED lighting, automatic irrigation, and water-conserving hydroponic. 

What are the benefits of implementing this idea? Well, there are several, which why many organizations (both governmental and non-governmental) are starting to consider it. For one, it ensures a constant supply of production even in areas that aren’t conducive for certain crops. Also, the fact that they’re controlled by a microprocessor means you won’t have to worry about small details in managing the growtainer. 

Since they don’t take up much space, restaurants can also use them to grow their green supplies. This, therefore, increases the quality of food in these outlets since the ingredients will always be fresh from the farm.

5 innovative uses for Shipping Containers

Swimming Pool

Looking to construct a swimming pool that’s perfect for your family’s needs? Well, if you’re working with a tight budget, then modifying a shipping container might be your ideal choice. There are many ways to modify a 40-foot shipping container into an amazing swimming pool. All this can be done in your backyard or anywhere within your compound.

Of course, there are container pools that can be fitted above the ground. Such structures can be designed and built off-site. Since they’re only semi-permanent, you can move them around whenever you come up with new backyard ideas. In addition to all these, above-the-ground container pools have that aesthetic appeal that makes your home look stunning.

5 innovative uses for Shipping Containers


If you’re planning to build a bridge that’ll serve you and your community, then a shipping container might do the trick. The length and hollow design of this product make it ideal for bridging purposes. This particular feature makes it a perfect option, especially in areas that experience regular rains.

One thing to note is that a shipping container is designed to hold up to 45 tonnes. That’s a lot of weight! So, considering that the bridge will be made specifically for people to use, you can have peace of mind that it’s not dangerous to users. Of course, the material is also capable of withstanding the weight of small vehicles and motorcycles. However, it’s important to regulate the number of vehicles on the bride at any given time to reduce the risk of accidents.

5 innovative uses for Shipping Containers


Shipping containers have become quite common across the world not only because of their primary purpose, but because of other innovative uses. For instance, many people have already used a set of containers to build beautiful houses. 

In other places, these containers have been designed to house various retail businesses. In fact, some companies have designed their offices using this material. Growtainers have also become a trend in modern society thanks to these shipping containers. With restaurants growing their ingredients in these structures, people will enjoy more fresh foods.

Construction of swimming pools and eco-bridges are other areas where you’re likely to find the creative utilization of shipping containers. Therefore, if you have a shipping container lying around, there’re many ways you can put it into use.

5 innovative uses for Shipping Containers

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