Substrata launches new online soil stabilizer store
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Substrata launches new online soil stabilizer store

Substrata launches new online soil stabilizer store

Biochemical manufacturing company Substrata announced today the launch of its new online store making it easier than ever for customers to purchase what they need.

“The reason for the launch of our online store is to make our product more accessible to customers around the world, customers can now order products at their leisure 24/7 worldwide” said Substrata CEO, Royal Marty.

“In today’s age people are busy and they don’t have time to call to place orders, customers also want the ordering process to be easy and streamlined. With our online store our customers will get all of that. They will be able to place orders whenever and wherever and still receive our standard fast order fulfilment. Of course, our team will still be available to answer all questions and process any orders, the online store is available just as a convenience for our customers.”

Currently the online store offers Substrata’s premiere products: soil stabilizer Perma-Zyme, industrial cleaner Bacto-Zyme, dust suppressant Surfa-Zyme, and soil conditioner Harva-Zyme.

Substrata launches new online soil stabilizer store

Perma-Zyme is a soil stabilizer used for the construction of unpaved roads and works by bonding the clay particles in the soil to create a concrete-like surface. A road treated with Perma-Zyme can expect to last up to 15 years with little to no maintenance.

Bacto-Zyme is a microbial cleaner used primarily as an odour eliminator and degreaser. Bacto-Zyme eats odours instead of masking them, permanently eliminating unwanted scents. It has been proven effective for waste dumps and livestock misting systems.

As a degreasing agent, Bacto-Zyme reduces the surface tension of grease or other hard to clean products allowing the grime to be easily lifted off by either spraying or wiping. It’s been effective in mould remediation and hydroponic gardening systems to remove their biofilm.

Substrata launches new online soil stabilizer store

Surfa-Zyme creates a natural crust over the soil of itself to trap the dust particles. Once Surfa-Zyme has cured, no dust particles escape from the treated area. Unlike other dust suppression methods, Surfa-Zyme is compatible in a variety of climates and long-lasting.

Harva-Zyme is a 100% natural and non-toxic catalyst for increasing soil bacteria activity and micro-organism growth. This enzyme-based process digests fertilizers and minerals in the soil, making them readily available to roots for absorption.

“We hope this new online store gives new accessibility to us and our products,” said Marty.

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