Trevi piles in for new Fishing Vessel Port in Montevideo Bay

Trevi piles in for new Fishing Vessel Port in Montevideo Bay

Trevi piles in for new Fishing Vessel Port in Montevideo Bay

Starting from 2020, Pilotes Trevi has been involved in the ambitious Works on the new Fishing Vessels Port in Montevideo bay, Capurro Port.

The project consists on the construction of a Jetty for operation of fishing vessels and a steel sheet piles shelter for the jetty. The works includes the filling of a retro area of ​​about 3.3 hectares, paving works, drainage, distribution of energy, drinking water and fuel, dredging of the corresponding dock and its final disposal in geo-containers.

Trevi piles in for new Fishing Vessel Port in Montevideo Bay


In relation with the construction of new Muelle Capurro Fishing Vessels terminal, Pilotes Trevi has executed 311 piles with a diameter of 1,350 mm and variable lengths between 13 mts and 37.5 mts for the total of 1.000 linear metres of piles.

All the piles were drilled through sedimentary soils, soft clays, Fray Bentos rock formation, gneiss degraded rock and an embedding in hard /competent gneiss rock, from around 0.6 to 1,5 mts per pile.

The piles executed by Pilotes Trevi for the new Muelle Capurro Fishing Vessels terminal in Montevideo Uruguay, has been done following this procedure:

At first stage, the steel Casing of thicknesses 9,5 mm and 1.350 mm of diameter are driven into the ground from a floating barge, with the assistance of an hydraulic vibrator equipment. Next stage is the boring of the pile, made by a Wirth equipment using cutters bits, until the embedment into the hard gneiss rock with a resistance of more than 100 Mpa. Finally, each pile is completed with the cleaning of the perforation “detritus”, installation of the steel Cages and the concrete casting until project level. The works are going ahead with two complete equipment of piling rigs.

Trevi piles in for new Fishing Vessel Port in Montevideo Bay

Trevi is a company specialized in the field of special foundations and soil consolidation works and belongs to the TREVI Group, a worldwide leader in the foundation engineering and in the design and production of relevant rigs and special equipment.


It was established in Cesena in 1957 and it achieved a remarkable specialization in the sector of foundation engineering, hence being its leadership worldwide acknowledged as for the execution of various types of intervention. This is the case of special foundation works and consolidation of soils (i.e. the restoration of the leaning Pisa Towers, among the many achievements) which are necessary to support complex projects developed by humankind as port and jetties, metro, dams, bridge and viaduct, civil and industrial buildings, hydro and thermoelectric plants, the recovery of polluted sites and the execution of automatised underground car parks. A transversal competence which found and still finds a never-ceasing application in each corner of the world.

Post source : TREVI - Finanziaria Industriale S.p.A.

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