Aetos Operate and Matterport revolutionise Building Operations and Training
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Aetos Operate and Matterport revolutionise Building Operations and Training

Aetos Operate and Matterport revolutionise Building Operations and Training

Rising Atlanta green building technology company Aetos Imaging is revolutionizing building operations and building engineer training.

The company has launched a next-gen immersive 3D software that is intelligently designed to generate an ultra-high-resolution digital twin of physical spaces and assets for easy training, operation and management of properties. Titled “Aetos Operate,” the ground-breaking software helps to execute building-specific engineer training and knowledge remotely, cutting down the time of building engineer training by 50%.

Operate houses a cloud-based application that allows access and easy collaboration from any part of the world, and on virtually any device, provided it’s connected to the internet.

World-leading spatial data company Matterport recently featured an exciting case study highlighting Aetos’ ability to integrate Matterport’s SDK and API into its game-changing 3D platform.

Aetos is revolutionizing the way building operators and facility managers push their physical assets into the metaverse, communicate with their teams and uniformly train their evolving workforce.

Aetos Operate and Matterport revolutionise Building Operations and Training

In fact, Aetos’ value for sustainability is underscored in this recent article by Ernst & Young’s CTO.

The major USP of Aetos Operate is that it is the FIRST tool that offers an avenue for facilities engineers to work remotely- something facilities engineers have never received before now. The software also helps commercial building owners and real estate operators to enable their most skilled people to manage their buildings, from wherever they are, on any device.

“Commercial building operators are facing historic headwinds and uncertainty in the market that have made them vigilant for ways to ensure their buildings are running the right way and that they’re not wasting travel and meeting time. This is where our breakthrough Aetos Operate comes to help. Based on next-gen digital twin technology, our highly immersive 3D software has pioneered a way for facilities engineers to work remotely for the first time. Our software enables easy and highly efficient remote management of properties for commercial building owners and real estate companies,” stated Connor Offutt, the President of Aetos Imaging.

Training software tools for buildings are nothing new. But traditional ones offer generic, boilerplate equipment that fails to offer specific understanding and information about a building asset. Aetos Operate enables creation of a custom digital twin that will be the exact virtual replica of the ACTUAL building, not a generic model or generalized interface. This enables far more effective training and training speed.

Aetos Operate and Matterport revolutionise Building Operations and Training

Aetos Operate stands on three fundamental pillars:

  • Visual Equipment Database – Comprising all critical information regarding the building, enabling engineers to find all major and minor details about the building in just a few clicks – ranging from nameplate data to inspection histories, user manuals, training videos and more.
  • Easy Remote Collaboration in 3D – Aetos Operate 3D software allows intuitive document sharing and video conferencing in high-definition 4K resolution inside the building’s virtual twin. In comparison, regular video conferencing software programs are limited to low-resolution displays and motion lag, or require collaborators and vendors to spend precious time and money traveling to meet inside the building space.


  • Advanced Eco-friendly Training System – Aetos Operate software is equipped with a cutting-edge training system that allows building managers to create customized training modules and simulations for engineers. Participant engineers receive step-by-step, easily comprehendible guidelines for better understanding of critical operations. The training modules are uniquely designed to make the training more engaging and fun for engineers. Another major impact of Aetos Operate training modules is that they have been shown to increase energy efficiency of building equipment operations by 4% annually. Different teams, from Engineering and Operations to Property Management and Security, instantly have remote access to site-specific best practices, such as sequence of operations or emergency response.

Atlanta-based Aetos Imaging was founded in 2019 as part of the green building industry leader, GBH (Green Building Holdings), and has entered the market with decades of green energy experience and leadership behind their diverse team. Aetos strives to achieve the goal of lower energy consumption, reduced corporate travel, and optimized communication through the use of their Operate platform.

“We are green building ambassadors in everything that we do, we are thinking about our global impact and how we can make the built environment more efficient, more sustainable, and better for everybody.”

Aetos Operate and Matterport revolutionise Building Operations and Training

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